Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring is in the air!

The birds are chirping, the trees want to bud (even if they haven't started yet), the sun is shining, and our Washington Nationals Season Tickets arrived yesterday. Ok, so we don't have a full 81 game package, but we do have the 20 game package, which includes seeing the Mets play twice. Several of our friends at church also have this package, so we are excited to hang out together at the games.

Joe loves baseball. I always joke that in the Murray family baseball is one step below religion. Just to give you an idea, below I have pasted a paper that Joe's sister, Jenny, wrote when she was in 6th grade.

"Future Baseball Superstar"

"My baby brother is two years old. His name is Joe. He can hit, pitch, and slide. His whole life is baseball. Sometimes in the morning he wakes up singing "Meet the Mets". Other times he gets up when we're watching TV and changes the channel saying "Baseball on" constantly until someone drags him away from the TV.

When I say he's a future baseball star I mean it. Joe's twelve inch Snoopy bat can really hit. Once he hit an eight foot drive. Pitching he doesn't specialize in, but he can pitch. Sliding is what I like to watch. Joe runs and then falls into sitting position. Baseball scouts in the future, beware! Here comes my baby brother! "

Jenny Murray
Joe's Snoopy baseball bat has been replaced with a Louisville Slugger with his name on it, he still gets excited for the first game of the season, he loves to talk about baseball drafts, and he is hopelessly devoted to our church softball league. Luckily, baseball is the one sport that I actually understand.

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