Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go

Ella and Joe came to visit me at work today. Before they came I warned several of my coworkers that Ella will probably be the cutest baby they had ever seen. Of course they were both a hit, but everyone especially loved Ella. They all kept commenting on her beautiful eyes. She got them from her Dad. It was fun having them come so I could show them off to everyone. My desk is covered in pictures (would you expect anything less) and I talk about them all the time, but its always nice to meet the family in person.

Sunday was Ella's first time in the nursery at church. For months we have been thinking and praying about how to handle Ella and church. We want to go, but we are scared to leave her in the nursery. We have been taking her to church and bible study with us, but she is too wiggly and vocal for us to do that anymore. So we decided that we were going to tag team. One of us would go to the nursery with her while the other went to the church service. Then we'd switch so the other could go to bible study. The next Sunday we'd switch places. It's only been one Sunday but it worked out well. Ella has never really been around other kids (other than one or two here and there), so it was funny to watch her react to all of the other babies. She mainly just sat there and stared at them. Every so often she would reach for a toy, but mostly it was just staring. I took the first shift, and when I went back to pick up her and Joe after bible study, Ella was sprawled out on Joe's lap sound asleep. She was completely worn out! She also got to show off her special Valentine dress that GiGi made. She got a lot of compliments on how cute she looked.

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