Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can you see my eyes sparkle?

The picture to the right is one of my favorite! I took it with my cell phone when we were going to Target (my favorite store and I’m pretty sure it’s Ella’s favorite too). I think her eyes are just so beautiful and sparkling! This is the look she gives when she thinks you’re crazy, but doesn’t want to give a full smile. I have it on my cell phone and every time I look at the picture it makes my heart melt.

Since Ella is such a big girl now and can sit all on her own, our time going to restaurants has been revolutionized! We can take her to a restaurant and sit her in a high chair while we eat dinner. As long as she has a toy or cookie, it’s all good. We went out to eat last night and she did so good! Joe and I were able to eat a complete dinner out without one of us having to pick her up half way through.

I’ve decided that this is my favorite age so far. Ella has developed such a personality and I love watching her grow and learn new things. She grabs at everything and studies new things from every angle. She is such a joy to have around! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, we are so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Ella...Pawpaw and Gigi are very proud of what a big, beautiful girl you are. Thank you for being good in the restaurant so Mom and Daddy can enjoy eating a meal together. This is something your Mom didn't learn to do until she was about 3 years old. You certainly do have the most beautiful sparkling eyes. I have a feeling you don't miss a thing!!

joyce said...

That daughter of yours is growing up tooo fast!! What a doll baby she is! She is in that fun stage of doing new things every day!! What an awesome time you are having with her!!

Joyce K.

Paige said...

Her sweet eyes really are sparkling in that picture! What a beautiful baby girl!