Tuesday, January 29, 2008


That is just one of Ella’s many nicknames. It goes along with Ella Bella and Dancerella (which has a nice little song that goes along with it thanks to Aunt Beck).

Honestly there isn’t much to report. Ella is still growing and getting so big. Joe and I can’t believe how she is learning and developing. Sometimes you can almost see the wheels turning as she’s looking at a new toy or the pictures in a book. She has learned a new sound, ba (as demonstrated in a video under January 2008 photos and videos). I keep trying to reinforce the “M” sound, but so far she hasn’t caught on. I guess that’s ok. She hasn’t caught on to the “D” sound either.

The other day Ella got a very special treat. She had her first cookie. Ok, so technically it was an animal cracker, but it did have icing on it and she loved every lick. Tonight I gave her a graham cracker and she loved gnawing on that too.

This weekend we had 2 dinner parties. It’s always a bit scary taking a baby to someone’s house. The truth is that you never really know how they are going to act. They may be the perfect angel and act very sweet, or they may be in prime form and be the party entertainment. Then of course they may be having a bad day and be a complete terror! Luckily Ella did great at both outings. She was happy and loved all the attention she got.

That’s really about it on this end. We’re currently awaiting the arrival of my new nephews. They are expected any day, but if they don’t come by Saturday Gina is going to be induced. Of course I am making a trip to Charlottesville on Sunday to meet them. I just know they are going to look exactly like my brother, Curby.

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Becky said...

Obviously she is trying really hard to say "Beck" and it's coming out "ba"!!