Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drool, drool, and a little more drool!

Ella has a lot of drool! It hasn’t always been this way. It’s actually fairly new. She has also discovered that this drool adds a new sound to her various noises. That nice wet razz sound, accompanied by little splatters of drool flying out. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And to top it off, the front of her clothes is always soaked. I guess it doesn’t bother her so it shouldn’t bother me.

Joe is officially back into the swing of classes. The best part about this semester is that he only has classes 2 days a week. He’s only been back one week, but already I love having him home those 2 extra nights. And I think he likes being home.

We tried something new with Ella last night. With the winter weather her skin has been very dry and she has been rubbing it a ton! So last night we tried giving her an oatmeal bath. Apparently it helped because Metti said today that she only rubbed her face when she woke up from sleeping. This is great news! Poor Ella’s face is all nicked up right now from the rubbing and dryness. We have tried lotion, Aquaphor and even Emu oil, but nothing seemed to help. It’s amazing that something as simple as oatmeal is the answer.

On a sad note, Ella lost another fingernail. Her thumb nail on her right hand fell off earlier this week. I guess the good news is that’s one less nail she can scratch herself with.