Sunday, January 20, 2008

ESPN, spinach and a Christmas tree

ESPN: Joe has been asking for cable for a long time. When we moved into this townhouse we got it very fuzzy on the upstairs TV. It wasn't great, but Joe still watched it. So when we decided to expand our viewing pleasure, I knew that ESPN would be a channel that was frequently watched. What I didn't know was that it would be ALL Joe watches. Well, that and ESPN 2. When he turns the TV on, no matter what else is happening in the world, the channel is immediately changed to 11 (ESPN) shortly followed by 12 (ESPN 2). No CNN, Fox News, or even CSPAN (this used to be Joe's favorite channel). The sad news is that Ella will sometimes turn completely around in order to see what is going on in the sports world. If she is a tomboy Joe and I are going to have some serious words!

Spinach: So you all know that I was a bit disappointed that Ella didn't like beef. Well, at Whole Foods the other night I came across the only baby food that could possibly trump beef...spinach! I LOVE SPINACH!!! I am convinced that its the greated vegetable on the planet. And I was in complete hog heaven when I heard that spinach is full of folic acid, which is very important for pregnant women to eat. I took it upone myself to have spinach at least twice a week - if not more - throughout my entire pregnancy. I really wanted spinach to be Ella's first food, but I couldn't find any baby food with spinach, so I just resigned myself to letting it beome her favorite later in life. When we found the spinach at Whole Foods I was so excited to bring it home and try it out. Thanks heavens she liked it! Granted, its spinach and potatoes, and it was served up with a nice helping of chicken and apples (sounds yummy doesn't it), but the important thing is that she didn't cringe when she ate it, and she even opened her mouth for more! This completely redeems the fact that she doesn't like beef.

A Christmas Tree: For the last 3 weekends we have talked about putting our Christmas tree away. It's a beautiful tree full of ornaments that we have collected or have been given to us. But its a little late in the year to still have the tree up. Maybe tomorrow, since it is a holiday, we'll take the time to actually put it away. For now, we still have it proudly on display.

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Darla Tomes said...

There is NOTHING wrong with being a Tomboy! I mean, I'm ok, right?! :)