Sunday, January 13, 2008

My daughter is a genius!

As you all know, every baby comes with two sets of genes. Well, in Ella we see several aspects of both Murray and Alexander genes. For example, her snoring comes from the Murray side (although there are plenty of Alexander men who could hold their own with the snoring), and when she poops and it seems to explode all over her clothes, that too is the Murray side (the proof in that is when Joe and I were engaged I was holding his sweet niece, Rebecca, and she pooped all over me). Of course, her genius genes she gets from me. The side of her that figured out at a mere 6 months old how to turn on her music playing turtle...she got that from me.

Back to the poop that Ella is eating more baby food, her poop has taken on a life of its own. Just 5 minutes ago we were having a wonderful mommy/daughter moment rocking and talking when I heard that all too familiar sound. What followed next I didn't expect...the smell! So I went to change her diaper, I thought I was going to gag. Surely my beautiful, precious daughter didn't create this (it must be the Murray in her). I couldn't do anything but laugh. So I put a clean diaper on her...and here came the sound again...and the odor. This time I gave her a few minutes to finish up. Now she is clean and happy.

Back to the food. We are becoming more adventurous in Ella's eating. She loves her veggies and fruit and rice cereal, so we decided to try meat! How can you not love chicken mush? The chicken she enjoyed, so today we tried the beef. Much to my saddness, she isn't a fan. She'll eat one, maybe two bites, and that's it. I don't know where she got this gene. The Murray's and Alexander's are all meat eaters. Maybe it will just take some time.

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Jennifer said...

Katie, it's been a while since I checked in with your blog and have spent the last half hour reading about your adventures in parenthood. What a hoot. I'm so glad you are doing this.
Love ya,