Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two New Firsts

Ella has had 2 more “firsts” this weekend. The first first, if that makes sense, is that Ella has her first diaper rash. Sad but true. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that she made it this far without diaper rash. And the truth is that the only reason she has any now is because she had to be put on a medication that gives her diarrhea, and thus has given her diaper rash. It was only bad for 1 day, and we kept cloth diapers on her and changed them at least every hour. It was much better yesterday and is even more improved today. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be all cleared up.

Ella’s second “first” is much more exciting. Today Ella had her first cereal! It was probably more exciting for mom and dad than it was for her. Of course we captured it on video, which you will find in “November 2007 Videos” and "November 2007 Photos." She did pretty good considering she didn’t really know what it was or what to do with it.

Ella is now laying on her blanket talking to herself and playing with her blocks. Every so often she’ll go quiet and when I look over to see what she’s up to she’ll start whining wanting to be picked up. She has figured out that mom and dad will pick her up if she whines, so when we check on her we have to be sure to look out of the corner of our eye and be sure not to make eye contact. Otherwise its over. See…she just caught my eye and now is sitting in my lap while I finish this post.

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