Monday, November 12, 2007

Fingertip Tribute

Several months ago Ella got a blister under her finger nail. It was her index finger on her right hand. A few weeks later the finger nail fell off completely. In telling my mom about it I told her that I’m not really worried about the loss of the finger nail, that is minor in comparison to other things. My worry is that she will be self-conscious about it. I don’t want her to spend her whole life hiding her right index finger. In response, my mom was inspired to write this poem as a tribute to Ella’s finger. The funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago Ella decided that she no longer liked her pacifier. Instead she has taken to sucking on her finger without a finger nail. Joe and I don’t worry because we know she can’t scratch up the inside of her mouth. The finger nail may or may not grow back, only time will tell.

Fingertip Tribute

Written for Joella Gale Murray by her GiGi
November 4, 2007

When God made Ella, He had in mind
Not the usual girl, but one of a kind.

Between serious brow and the tip of her toes,
Are intuitive blue eyes, and a cute, perfect nose

Round kissable cheeks and fat little knees
Go with a heart that beats ever to please

A broad, winning smile and an enchanting giggle,
Go with two arms and two legs that are eager to wiggle.

He molded two hands with ten fingers of grace,
So she can reach out and touch and embrace

She holds tight to the fingers of Mom and Daddy
To prove how determined and strong she can be

For, when God made Ella, He knew all along
She’d inspire others to be just as strong

And He planned that one precious finger would be
The sign of His touch so that others could see

So…Don’t be embarrassed and don’t be ashamed,
Your finger will help folks remember your name

When all of your body is healthy and healed,
Your finger will prove that prayers are for real

If some say miracles never can be,
Shake your finger at them and say, “Hey! Look at me!!”

God put His mark on you, Joella Gale…
Gave you life to the full, and a story to tell.


Sarah Hawkins said...

Joe and Katie,
i hope that ella looks at her finger the way gigi has suggested. i have a dark birthmark on my right elbow and my mom and dad always told me that i was special and that was where jesus kissed me before i was born. now my doctor wants to remove my birthmark and i am sad to have to lose my very special kiss.
as always you and your family are in my thought and prayers

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem for Joella by her GiGi!
Joella does have "life to the full and a story to tell." We praise God for His miracle of life in Joella.
We continue to enjoy the postings--especially the video clip of Joella's first meal of cereal! It brought back memories of our little ones adjusting to "gumming solid food."
Gentle hugs to you all,
Karen and Don Johnson