Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts from Ella and Katie

Ella and I have spent much of the day watching and re-watching the royal wedding that took place this morning. Since Ella is completely obsessed with princesses, there is nothing that could be more ideal than watching a REAL princess get married. Here are a few of her thoughts while watching the ceremony.

(Gasp) Oh, there she is!

Look! She has a no legs dress! (That means you can’t see her legs).

She has a big, down dress. (It’s very puffy and goes all the way to the floor with a train)

I want to get married and wear a white down dress too. (Oh no, we had better start saving now)

They’re singing just like we do in big church!

Mom! They’re married! Look at her ring! It looks just like yours! (Yeah, but mine isn’t made out of royal gold)

Oooo, they’re kissing. (Said with a big smile on her face)

What color lips does she have? (See past post about Ella’s love of red princess lips)

What color are her eyes? Me: I don’t know. They might be brown. Ella: Oh, just like Princess Tiana.

The day consisted of A LOT of talk about dresses and how princesses get to wear “down” and “no legs” and “huge” dresses. While I didn’t wake up at 4 am to watch the ceremony, I did watch it online as soon as I woke up. Ella woke up shortly after and joined me. I love weddings and I love that I got to watch this! I was a few months older than Ella when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married. I don’t remember watching the ceremony live, but I do have the image of her as a princess burned into my head.

I loved that William and Kate kept shooting each other glances and whispering secrets to each other. I liked her dress (I have to admit that I didn’t love it). I loved that they kissed not once, but twice on the balcony. I loved that Prince William drove the car that left Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately there were some things that I did not love. I did not love the hats…they were weird. Need I even mention Fergie’s daughters? And while I am not English and I have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the royal family, I do have a small bone to pick. Apparently now that Kate is married to William, she can no longer be called Kate and must be referred to as Catherine. Most people know that my legal name is Kathryn, however, I’ve always gone by Katie. My issue lies in the forced name change. If someone forced me to start going by Kathryn I would be pretty hacked off. It’s not because I don’t love my name…I have actually always liked my name…but I definitely prefer to be called Katie. I tried to make the transition once. It lasted for about a week before I gave up. I’m Katie. I say let Kate choose her own name and if she prefers Princess Kate then so be it.

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