Monday, April 18, 2011

Princesses Everywhere

Well, we’ve officially entered the stage where princesses have become more than just something on TV…they are now a way of life. Everything comes back to princesses in some way. When Ella draws she uses her princess markers to draw the various princesses. When she sits she says, “Mommy, look at me…this is how a princess sits.” If I need her to smile I just ask her to show me how a princess smiles. She constantly wants to go to “the ball” like Cinderella and she prefers to wear dresses with no legs, just like the princesses do (dresses that are so long you can’t see your feet). Ella likes the princesses so much that the child can tell you what color eyes each of them have…seriously.

Yesterday Ella found a princess hand mirror that Big Mama had given her the last time we saw her. She kept talking about the princesses red lips. As a special treat I decided that I would go get some of my bright pink lipstick and put it on her so she too could have red princess lips. When she saw herself it was the funniest thing Joe and I have seen in a long time. She walked around for the rest of the day looking in the mirror and smiling at herself. We went to the grocery store and the mirror came with her so that she could look at her red princess lips (of course she wore her princess crown to the store).

The best was when I picked up the phone to call GiGi. Ella said, “What are you doing?” “Calling GiGi.” I responded. Ella looked at me with her huge blue eyes and said with a completely serious voice, “Are you going to tell her about my red princess lips?” Of course that was the main reason for my call, and we ended up skyping with GiGi so that she could actually see the lips and Ella with her mirror.

I know a lot of parents don’t want their daughters playing with princesses. I guess they feel that it gives them a false sense of reality. I love that Ella loves princesses. Sure, it gets annoying to watch Snow White for the 1,648,921st time, but I love that she loves something so girly. And I realize that some parents would completely flip out knowing that I let my 3 year old daughter wear red lipstick, but just seeing how happy it made her was worth any scrutiny I may get.


Anonymous said...

I think it 's wonderful! Why not let your daughter have some wonderful make-believe time? Reality hits us all too soon! A first time "commentor", but long-time reader. I found your blog thru Jonah's. God bless your family.

Donna Tadlock
Millbrook AL

Donielle said...

My theory on the princess thing - I think its awesome when they want to pretend to be princesses - I don't think it gets ugly until they want to be treated like royalty... we'll see when mine gets old enough for it to be an issue.