Sunday, September 5, 2010

Murray Staycation 2010 – Day 9

Sorry I skipped yesterday. Basically, Joe went skeet shooting while Ella and I stayed home and did laundry. Then he had another meeting last night, so we went out for a late dinner to Pizzeria Uno. That pretty much sums up our day.

Today we got back in action. This morning we skipped church (sorry) mainly because I lost my voice a few days ago and while I’m feeling pretty good, I still have a gross cough and “sexy phlegm” that makes me sound pretty terrible. I didn’t think people would appreciate it. So around noon we headed to Old Town Alexandria for lunch and to walk around a bit. We ended up taking the water taxi over to National Harbor.

Joe only had one request for Murray Staycation 2010…he wanted to take a boat ride. We had one on the calendar, unfortunately the weather was much hotter than we anticipated, so we weren’t able to do any of the outdoor activities we had planned. So today when the weather was perfect, it was the right time to take a boat trip. Ella loved it, of course, and had a smile planted on her face the entire ride!

We love National Harbor. It’s a great place to just walk around, grab dinner, or grab dessert. Of course we stopped in the Gaylord Hotel to see the dancing water fountain (it’s synchronized to music) and walked along the water. They were having a Beatles Festival called “Abbey Road on the Harbor” or something like that. There were Beatles cover bands everywhere!

On our boat ride home we made sure we were first in line so that we could be outside at the front of the boat. I dared Joe to yell, “I’m the king of the world!” but he wouldn’t do it…chicken. When we had gotten to the water in Alexandria Ella saw a man selling animal balloons. We skipped over him, but for the rest of the day all she talked about was how she wanted a doggie balloon. Finally, when we got back to Old Town we went and got her a doggie balloon. She chose orange for his color.

Tonight I made Joe a good, traditional southern meal…chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. He ate two pieces, so I guess that’s a good sign. The funny thing was that I fried it in oil that has Omega-3, so even though we didn’t eat fish, our entire house smells like we did. Oh well, the steak was SO yummy, so it was worth it.

Tomorrow is the last day of Murray Staycation 2010. I’m sad. We’ve had so much fun with Ella, and I am pretty sure she’s had fun with us too. Taking a staycation was definitely the right decision.

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Linda said...

So sorry that your staycation is over. It sounds like everyone had a really good time. It was nice that you could do so many things as a family.
Take care and I hope Ella loves her new school.
Peace and love. Leah's Nana