Thursday, September 2, 2010

Murray Staycation 2010 – Day 6

Today was a very exciting day in the Murray house! Today Ella, Metti, Joe and I all piled into the van and headed to Ella’s preschool where we had the privilege of meeting her new preschool teacher! It was a great meeting and Joe, Metti and I feel extremely confident that this is the right step. Ella is ready for preschool. She walked around the classroom and checked out all of the toys. She was cooking in the kitchen and took food to everyone. She even sang a song for her teacher…Frosty the Snowman. I think everyone was impressed that she knows all of the words and sang the right tune. This is going to be so great for Ella! Preschool begins September 13th, so if you all will please pray for Ella, Metti, Mrs. G, and all of the kids in Ella’s class.

After our “church school” (that’s what Ella called it) meeting, we dropped Metti off then headed to Hard Times Café for a yummy chili lunch, then to the pool store to pick up some pool salt for Ella’s bath (it helps the water not sting). Ella didn’t sleep very well last night, so after the pool store she told us that she wanted to go home and take a nap, so that’s exactly what we did. We came home and Joe and I worked on some family business while Ella laid in the basement and slept. Of course now she’s not tired.

Joe and I have really noticed that Ella is coming out of her shell. It’s such an answer to prayer! I’ve mentioned before that Ella’s shyness has, in many ways, been harder for us to deal with than her EB. We’re social. We like having dinner with friends. We like going out. We just like people. So to throw a shy child into the mix can really cramp our style! But just over the past couple of months we’ve really noticed that Ella isn’t as shy anymore. Sure, she’s timid at the beginning, but within minutes she’s talking to people without hesitation. Even today her teacher said, “You keep saying that she’s shy, but I don’t really see that.” At lunch she ordered for herself, “I want a hot dog.” And when the waitress asked her if she wanted French fries, applesauce or a fruit cup, Ella looked at her and said, “Applesauce.” After lunch we went to the Christian bookstore that’s next door to Hard Times, and Ella picked out a new book. She went to the register and when we told her that the lady needed to scan the book, Ella reached up and handed the book to her. Then when she was done scanning she asked Ella, “Do you want it in a bag, or would you like to just carry it out like this?” Ella looked and her and said, “I just want to carry it out like this.” She’s so fun to have around, and this staycation has been a great opportunity to get to hang out with her more.

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Linda said...

Hi Katie: So happy that Ella is coming out of her shell. It looks like she is going to be like her parents and be very social.
Will be saying a special prayer for the first day of school. Sure hope you have some more fun on your staycation. Take care. Love and peace. Leah's Nana