Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hollow Leg

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I posted. We’ve had a lot going on lately. I did feel like I needed to let you all know that church school continues to be a huge success. Ella loves going every day! Each morning she has school she wakes up and picks out her clothes, then picks out a bow to match. She is quick to get dressed and eat breakfast because she knows that as soon as she’s done she gets to go to church school.

Ella’s favorite thing at school is to be the Weather Helper. Metti said that she chooses this role almost every day. It means that she gets to look out the window and determine what the weather is. Then she goes and chooses the weather sign that matches what it looks like outside, and she puts it on the weather board. I, of course, have not seen this in person, but from what I get from my conversations with Ella, this is how it works.

The biggest news is that it seems preschool has given Ella a hollow leg. This child eats like she has never eaten before! The other night Grammy Janet was visiting and made a meatloaf. Ella had 3 helpings…yes, 3…and her carrots and I believe she also had macaroni and cheese. I think it’s a combination of 3 things: 1) she’s more active than she has ever been before, 2) she sees the other kids shoveling food in their faces so she decided that she should be doing that too, and 3) she’s having a growth spurt. Ella’s knees are rough right now (actually, the area right below her knees, between her knee cap and shin) and when that happens it’s usually a sign that her skin is stretching and she’s getting taller. I know one thing for sure…her tummy is getting bigger! Maybe some height will stretch out her tummy and it won’t stick out so much.

Yes, Grammy Janet was in town for a few nights and Ella loved hanging out with her. When we told Ella that Grammy was coming to visit, Ella started talking about how they were going to make chocolate cupcakes with brown frosting. She even went into detail about how she was going to put the flour into the bowl and the eggs, and she’d mix it up. She talked about these cupcakes for several days before Grammy’s arrival. Luckily when Grammy arrived I had been to the store and bought special gluten free chocolate cupcake mix and chocolate frosting…with rainbow sprinkles. The next day Ella put on her special apron and hat and helped Grammy make the cupcakes. Oddly enough Ella gets much more excited about making the cupcakes than she does actually eating them. She’ll eat them a little bit, but she prefers a piece of cake. I’m not sure why since it’s the same thing, but if she has a piece of cake she’ll eat the whole thing. She’ll only eat half of her cupcake. I think she doesn’t like picking it up to eat it.

In other exciting Murray news, I have been officially sworn in to the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Alexandria! You know how much Joe and I love the Eagles, so we decided that it was time to just go ahead and join. My swearing in was last week, but I don’t know when Joe’s is going to be. We’re really excited to make our membership official.

GiGi is coming to visit next week. I know she and Ella will have just as much fun as Grammy Janet and Ella had. Ella is eager to show off her new tricks like writing her own name and coloring in the lines.

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Linda said...

Hi Katie: Thanks so much for the update. I was wondering if Ella was still liking school. What a relief that she looks forward to going in the morning. It would be a nightmare if she didn't like it.
So glad that Ella could hang out with her grandmother. That is always a special time. I can't wait until I have another chance to do that myself.
Please give Ella a hug and kiss for me. Take care guys and enjoy the cool weather to come.
Love and Peace. Leah's Nana