Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ode to Two Years Old

In the midst of one of a nice temper tantrum this weekend,I was inspired to write this poem. I know that many of you out there know how I feel. Enjoy.

Ode to Two Years Old

Oh two years old, you start so sweet.

A ton of fun and oh so neat!

Then one dark day, from out of the blue,

You start to turn into a terrible two.

Oh two years old, oh two years old

Since when did you become so bold.

I miss my quiet, compliant child

So sweet and gentle and a temper so mild.

Now you want ice cream with sprinkles on top

And if you don’t get your way, your feet begin to stomp.

Soon you’re lying on the ground with all limbs flailing

You’re thrashing about and screaming and wailing.

It seems nothing we do can calm you down

Not a cookie, not a song, not a doggie, not a clown

Then all of a sudden, as fast as it came,

The tantrum is gone, you’re quiet and tame.

Oh two years old, oh two years old,

You’re such a mystery I have yet to unfold.

In spite of the tears and the screaming and fighting

You are much more loving and fun and exciting.

For as difficult as you are today,

These times will shape you when you’re old and gray.

And when I look back on two years old

I will feel so blessed to have these memories to hold.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome! I remember when my niece was (well, still is) going through soon as her parents or grandparents leave the room and ignore her, she quits. It's the most bizarre thing...I don't think I will ever truly understand how kids work.

Jess Baker