Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Top 10

If I were to write a post containing every detail of our Christmas vacation, it would be ridiculously long. So in order to spare your reading eyes, and my typing fingers, I’ve decided to post my top 10 favorite memories from Christmas in Wyoming.

10) Ella being on East Coast time while we were in Mountain time zone. This meant she went to bed early, which meant Joe and I got to have adult conversation and watch movies.

9) Watching Sam and Nate climb up on EVERYTHING!!! And watching Ella look at them as though they were so immature. I learned that there is a HUGE difference between 2 year old boys and 2 year old girls.

8) Joe, Curby and Paw Paw going to Bear Lodge to go snowmobiling. I knew they would have a great time, and they did.

7 )Going to the Christmas Tree park and watching the kids sing and dance in the middle of the gazebo.

6) Sam constantly singing “La La La!!!” This ties with watching my brother act silly and his boys cracking up while Ella just looked at him like he was nuts. Someday she’ll be saying, “Don’t mind him…that’s just my Uncle Curby. He’s weird.”

5) This conversation with my dad.

Me: Hey Dad, we got kind of cold last night. Would you mind putting the temperature up a couple of degrees tonight?

Dad: Sure. So you want me to set it at 52?

Me: Wait…you keep the temperature at 50? (with a complete look of shock on my face)

Dad: Yeah (completely straight faced)

Me: Well, no wonder we were cold. Could you maybe put it in the 60's?

4) Relaxing!!! I went to bed every night before 11, and stayed in my pajamas as long as I wanted to every morning.

3) Catching up with good friends that I haven’t seen in far too long.

2) All three grandkids playing piano with GiGi while GiGi and Paw Paw…and Ella sang.

1) Spending time with my wonderful family.

It was a wonderful Christmas. Sure, we had a 2 day delay getting out there, but we were able to extend our trip by 2 days on the back end, so it worked out great.

And as a little side note, Ella’s skin was rockin’ in the W-Y-O. She didn’t have the redness that she usually has, and any new blisters that she got seemed to dry up and heal within a day. Yay for dry weather!

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Geri Kelly said...

Had to laugh- not to long ago, that conversation with your dad happened between me and mine; Flash forward to today and my thermostat is the one set low while his house feels like a sauna.