Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year...New Murray Happenings

Things are different around the Murray house. First, Joe isn’t in school anymore. He’s home for dinner, home on the weekends, going shopping with Ella and me, taking us to family outings…he’s home. I love it! He even changed 3 poopie diapers this weekend! And today he got his grades, which means he has officially passed all of his classes (like there was any doubt) and in May he’ll officially graduate as a Juris Doctor.

Ella is getting into a more kid-friendly routine. We’re trying something new now that Joe isn’t home late. We used to let Ella stay awake until Joe got home from class. Sometimes it was 10:30 or 11 pm, but if we didn’t keep her awake they would go days and not see each other. Now she’s going to bed at 9. Of course this means she’s waking up earlier, but it’s worth it to be able to watch the Golden Girls instead of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Ella also just got a big girl bed! Actually it’s a mini big girl bed (toddler bed) but she loves it. When we were in WY she slept in a toddler bed and we decided that depending on how she did while we were there, we would move her out of her crib. So far she’s only fallen out one time. She’s still not a fan of having covers over her, so she just sleeps without them, but she likes her bed overall. And she really likes that she can climb in and out of it all by herself. The bed is so little that it makes her room look huge! Her name that used to be right above her crib is now miles from her little bed.

This weekend I cleaned out the attic and put all of Ella’s baby clothes in plastic bins. It was happy and sad going through her clothes. I’m not that mom’s that cries when I have to pack away clothes that are too small, but I do get sentimental. All of a sudden we don’t have a baby anymore. I look at her pictures and I see a little girl. The baby face is gone. The tummy is fading while her body becomes more long and lean. She’s a little girl. But…and that’s a big but…I don’t really miss the baby. I really like who Ella is becoming. I like that she has a mind of her own. I like that she can tell me what she likes and doesn’t like. The guessing game is coming to an end and that is very refreshing. When something hurts she says, “owie” and when something itches she says “Mommy scratch.” She tells me what she wants for dinner and what pajamas she wants to wear. This whole growing up things really makes life easier.

Ella has also recently learned the proper use of the word ‘too.’ She now uses this word ALL THE TIME!!! At least she uses it correctly. On Saturday the cleaning lady was at our house and when Ella heard the vacuum running she said, “Can mommy vacuum too!” Umm…no. That’s why we have a cleaning lady. And every morning when I blow dry my hair she informs me that daddy is going to blow dry his hair too. And sometimes Boppie (Metti) is going to blow dry her hair too. No matter what one person is doing, someone else is going to do it “too.”

She really is a funny kid. She sings all the time and asks us to sing along with her. She loves to dance and when a commercial comes on TV that has good dancing music we stand up and dance together. I like having a 2 year old…except when she throws a tantrum…then I’m not a fan. The good news is that it seems like the tantrums are becoming less and less. Let’s hope that soon she will phase completely out of them.

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