Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy's Shoe

While Ella is a MAJOR daddy’s girl, she has lately started saying that everything is mommy’s. Mommy’s shoe, mommy’s nose (even when she’s pointing to her own nose), mommy’s yummies…you get the idea. Everything is mommy’s. This was very cute until the other day. According to Metti, Ella filled her diaper (if you get my drift) and apparently she looked at Metti and said, “Mommy poopie!” Umm, no, that is all yours my precious child!

Speaking of things that ARE mommy’s, tomorrow is my birthday! I’m going to be 32. To celebrate my coworkers are taking me to lunch today at our favorite restaurant, Hana Tokyo. The best Japanese hibachi ever! Joe and I have actually had full discussions on when we think Ella will be old enough to go and fully appreciate the hibachi show. Right now we think she’s just get scared. Maybe when she’s 3. Anyway, I was planning my meal this morning and I think I’m going to get steak and shrimp. I usually just get shrimp, but I’m feeling the steak today…although we had beef for dinner last night so maybe I should just get the shrimp. HELP!!!

Tomorrow afternoon Joe and I have a date. He is taking me to see Ragtime at the Kennedy Center then to dinner. I am so excited. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a live musical and I can’t wait. What I am really looking forward to, though, is my birthday next year, when Joe will be done with school and my birthday won’t be squeezed in between finals.

Other than that we don’t have any fun weekend plans. We’ll just spend quality time together as a family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Ronda said...

Happy birthday! Get the steak and shrimp, you deserve both!

Michael and Lauren said...

Hi Katie,
Happy Birthday! We were so excited to hear that you went to see Ragtime at the Kennedy Center. That is my all time favorite musical and I hope that you really enjoyed it; as I write, I am listening to Audra McDonald singing "Your Daddy's Son." Michael is happy to hear you are supporting his former employer and notes that the Washington Post gave the production just swell reviews:)
Lauren and Michael
P.S. We read your blog all the time (we have a lot of time for that here!) but shamefully, we never think to comment!