Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun birthday weekend!

Well, my birthday was a success. Friday night after dinner Joe treated the family to Rita’s Frozen Custard! It was so yummy! Ella even liked it, although she’s not a big fan of the cold aspect. Every time she took a bite she would make a funny face until it melted in her mouth, but she always came back for more. Saturday morning we went to breakfast at IHOP, then we made a very special trip to the pet store so Ella could see the animals. She LOVES that place! I almost thought we were going to have to buy a fish just so we could get out of there. She would stand and watch the doggies for awhile, then go see the fishies, then go check out the kitty cats. Back and forth between the three of them. She was in Ella heaven with all those animals.

We soon headed back home so Joe and I could get ready for Ragtime. I made him leave an hour before the show so that we could get settled before it started. :) When we got there I discovered that our seats were in the VERY FRONT ROW!!! The only thing separating us from the stage was the orchestra! We could actually see their spit flying! Anyway, the show was incredible! It made me want to go to the theatre more often. After Ragtime, Joe and I went to dinner and they even sang Happy Birthday to me. That night we were able to spend time as a family and just played with Ella and had a good time. Joe, or course, followed tradition and made me a birthday cake. It was a great birthday.


Ronda said...

Happy birthday, glad you had a good time!

Patrice said...

Hey Katie!
Can I get the contact info for your friend about the finger wrapping? I can't imagine Jonah will cooperate and let us wrap each finger, but maybe they'll know a secret. :) My email is patricewilliams@triad.rr.com.
Thanks :)