Monday, May 25, 2009


I remember when I was little and I used to have my mom cut the crust off of my bread. After she did I would go around the sandwich and pick off any speck of crust that remained. Heaven forbid that I actually EAT the gross brown stuff that surrounded my nice, soft bread.

And I was no different than any of my friends. We all didn’t like the crust. Every so often that weird kid would come along that would actually eat the crust, and we all couldn’t understand why. As I grew up, the crust bothered me less and less. Now I actually kind of enjoy it…especially on that nice crusty French bread…yum. I always just assumed it was the influence of my friends. If they didn’t like crust, neither would I. I figured that somewhere in my school this one random kid decided that he/she wasn’t going to eat the crust, and the trend started. Or maybe I picked it up from my older brother…heaven knows that I always wanted to do what he did.

Fast forward to present day…never once have I said to Ella, “Ok, you are not going to like the crust. Don’t even think about eating it because you won’t like it.” I have always just given her a slice of bread and left it at that. Sometimes I tear it in half just so it’s easier to manage, but I surely don’t pull of the crust. However, Ella won’t eat the crust. She eats all around it and gives the leftover crust to either Joe or I. Or she’ll immediately pull the crust off and yell “HELP” so she can hand it to us because she doesn’t even want it on her tray.

This is so funny to me. Why do all kids…or at least most…know from an early age, without outside influence, that they aren’t going to like the crust? So weird…then again, kids and the things they do are pretty weird in general. Luckily Ella will still eat wheat bread...I know that soon enough she'll want only white. I went through that phase too.

We are officially in the “I don’t want to wear clothes” stage. This just started last week. I really think a lot of it has to do with the heat. The fewer the clothes, the cooler Ella is. The only clothes Ella is ok with wearing are her jammies, so when we’re home we either have a little girl in her jammies, or a little girl in just a diaper (and bandages…so really she’s pretty much covered). Yesterday we came home from church and within minutes of walking in the door Ella said “No dress,” so we took off her skirt. Then she said “No shirt” so we took off her onesie and she would have been content to stay like that for the rest of the day. We did eventually get a plain white onesie on her, and when she napped I slipped some pants on her. The older she gets the more opinionated she gets…this makes me nervous.

I would like to acknowledge all of our service men and women on this Memorial Day. My 3rd cousin was killed in Iraq just a few weeks ago. He was one of the brave men that served our country and served it well. Thank you all for keeping us safe.


Ronda said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I have a 3rd cousin going to Afghanistan next week and another going to Iraq soon.

Shannon said...

Hey Katie,

For a long, long time, my kids never knew that white bread existed. To my knowledge (outside of hamburger and hot dog buns), they have never eaten it. I actually make all our bread now - sandwich bread and buns. They eat it because it is all I offer them. However, we were having lunch at a friends' house and Emmy refused to eat her sandwich so Brendan said, "But Emmy, it's the GOOD bread." (i.e. not mom's). But Emmy, almost 5, still won't eat the crust....

With regards to Ella's propensity for stripping, Emmy went through that phase, too. As a matter of fact, we ran into a neighbor of ours at a restaurant. As we were leaving, Emmy walked by their table first and when he saw Bryan and me, he said, "Oh, hi you guys - I didn't recognize your daughter with her clothes on." Was she really stripping outside that much? I continue to this day to pray that I will never hear another man say that about my daughter. Yikes!