Monday, August 13, 2007

Two New Videos on the Right!

Ella really likes to play!


Darla said...

I can FINALLY watch all the videos you guys have posted! I love them! Katie, I chuckled during the one of Ella's room when you were talking about Joe's favorite gift. I said to myself, "I thought I'D given the gift he liked the most!" At just that time, you said, "Other than the Mets gear, so don't get your feelings hurt, Darla." How funny!

I can't wait to see Ella and her parents again soon!!

Rene said...

I love having the chance to see Ella grow! :-) She is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you are enjoying the help around the house immensely. I know after the addition of each child to the house, my love of grandma only grows deeper. Heck, my littlest will be one in just a month and we're still living in the tornado ;-)

Babies are so fun. I tell myself that one day I won't be nursing anymore and I can eat whatever I want, and sleep through the night and get the chance to pick up the house and keep it one piece....but it won't be nearly as fun as having little ones in the house!