Saturday, August 18, 2007

And the Winner is...

Well, as you can see the winning outfit was the pink National's outfit, however, the winner of the game was the Mets, 6-2. Joe decided that the Nationals outfit was the way to go for a few reasons: 1) The last time she wore the Mets outfit everyone thought she was a boy, 2) The Nationals are the home team, and 3) It's pink. Of course she looked super cute. I think the game was a bit overwhelming for her. Joe and I thought of everything for her attending the game except one major detail...things can get really LOUD! During the second inning Easley hit a home run and the crowd went wild. This sent Ella into tears. Joe and I did what we always do...we stuck a bottle in her mouth. She handled the rest of the game really well and finished the bottle off. One of our friends from church works for the Nationals and he took us up to the adminstrative offices so I could use the bathroom up there to change Ella's diaper. The last thing I wanted to do was change her in one of the ballpark bathrooms. Thanks Aaron! Ella and I left after the 4th inning while Joe stayed to watch the rest of the game. All in all it was a fun night and I'm glad she had her first baseball experience. She is going to have to get used to the games because we love to go to them. We put a couple of pictures from the game in the "Pictures" folder. Check them out.

There is also a new picture of Ella in her green outfit, but the important thing to note is her adorable new socks. I just had to get them for her!


Rene said...

She is so beautiful! I'm glad the National outfit won out ;-) Rene

Anonymous said...

Joella -- Wonderful to see you've taken to the national pastime at such a young age - pre-1, in fact! I'm a bit disappointed in your allegiance to the New York Mets, though I suspect your father has unfairly foisted his Mets-ness upon you. No matter, you're still a charmer, so it would be difficult to be upset for very long.

Make sure your parents don't get in any trouble!


Darla said...

Ok, I have mixed feelings. As a Nats fan, I'm glad the Nats outfit won out. However, as the giver of the Mets outfit, I'm sad my gift lost (you know how competitive I am!). In my defense, let me say that if you guys had found out she was going to be a girl, I would have purchased a pink Mets outfit :-)

It was great seeing the family at church yesterday! It was a great weekend of "Firsts!"

Jenny S. said...

Katie, I love keeping up with you, Joe, and Ella. The pictures are great, and Jed is especially glad there's another little Mets fan out there :) She is adorable. You guys are always in my prayers.

Aaron said...

Joella: Get rid of the Mets outfit. Afterall, the Mets choked and blew the NL East. Not sure what Darla was thinking, but I will get you some Nats outfits.