Friday, August 31, 2007

Ella's Stats

We always knew Ella was perfect, but it was nice to have the Dr. confirm it! We went for her 2 month well-baby check up today at the pediatrician's office, and here are Ella’s stats:

Height: 22 ½ inches (up from 21 1/2 inches on her 7/27/07 appointment)
Weight: 10 pounds 4 ounces (up from 7lbs 8 ounces on her 7/27/07 appointment)
Head Circumference: 15 1/8 inches (we forget what this was on her last appointment)

These states rank her in the 50th Percentile, which means that she’s exactly where she needs to be. The Dr. also said that Ella is doing a great job holding her head up and that most 4 month olds that don’t have as much control as Ella! See, I told you she was a perfect baby! The down side of the visit was that she got the first 2 of her long series of scheduled shots. Of course she screamed, but it only lasted long enough for us to get the bottle in her mouth. I think that considering all she’s gone through the shots weren’t that bad. Once she ate a little bit she quit crying and fell asleep.

This also marks the completion of my first week back at work. Next week will be the true test when everyone is back in town and Congress reconvenes. All in all, I made it through pretty well. It was exhausting and a couple of nights Joe covered all of Ella’s feedings so that I could get some additional rest. But I made it through and now I’m looking forward to a relaxing Friday night at home with the fam. During the day I call home several times just to make sure she’s ok, and of course I get worried when I call and hear her crying in the background. Joe is doing a great job at home with her.

On an unrelated note, today Joe and I found out that there is going to be a new Chipotle in the shopping center near our house. We were almost as excited about this as we were Ella’s Dr. visit! It was a great day!


Lynelle Wolfe said...

The good report makes me smile. Glad to hear that Miss Ella is doing awesome! God is good -- truely. This was also my first week back to work (well, after a summer break where I got used to being with Jairus every day). Joe and Jairus are doing great...but it is an adjustment for all of us. I have prayed for you often this week as I drove to work..and will keep doing that as the Lord reminds me. Blessings!

Becky said...

I miss Ella and her mom and dad! Has she said my name yet? I'm coming over to see you guys when I get home on Thursday! I'm glad to know she's got a good sized head- plenty of room for her big brain because she is soooo smart!!