Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Final Week

This is the last week of summer vacation before school starts.  Yes, here in Northern VA school starts a bit later than the rest of the country.  On the other hand, school didn’t get out until the end of June so it all balances out.

Both Ella and I are ready for school to start.  She misses her friends, and quite frankly, she’s bored.  Last summer was a busy one.  We spent most of the summer running around with activities, visiting family and all in all having a great time.  Unfortunately by the end of the summer we were all exhausted and needed some time to just relax.

This summer I decided to take the opposite approach…we did nothing.  Well, not really nothing, just not nearly as much as we did last summer.  This year she had 1 week of VBS, we took a trip to NJ to visit family, and we went to Cincinnati/Indianapolis/Hershey for a week.  Other than that, we spent the summer going to $1 movies and hanging out at home.  At the beginning of the summer I was convinced this was a great idea.  As the summer has progressed I can now see the error of my ways.  My poor kid is bored out of her gourd.  She is itching for some activity…any activity.

We’re at the point now where every morning she wakes up and the first thing she asks me is, “Are we going to do anything fun today?”  And I’m at the point where I have to make up fun activities, “Yes!  We’re going to BJ’s!!!”  One day I needed to go to Target and BJ’s both, but in an effort to spread out the activities, I decided to go to Target one day, and save BJ’s for the next.

Fortunately this week we do have several fun activities including Chuck E. Cheese’s and her school Open House where she’ll meet her new teacher and see what friends are in her class.

Due to our lack of activity, there really isn’t much to report on this end.  Once school starts back next week I hope to have more exciting things to report on.

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