Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 week craziness

The last 2 weeks have been very busy!  And it doesn’t look like things are slowing least not long term.  We have a week break, then it's back to craziness.

2 weeks ago Ella attended her first ever Vacation Bible School.  This was a big step for all of us because there are around 500 kids who attend VBS at our church and a lot can happen.  It was even a bigger leap of faith when we didn’t know any of Ella’s teachers and she only had 1 of her friends in her class.  Fortunately Ella’s babysitter (who also grew up attending our church) agreed to be her special helper for the week.

The week couldn’t have gone better!  Ella had a great time and was sad that it only lasted a week.  The only bad thing was that it was the hottest week of the summer so far, which meant that Ella couldn’t go outside for Rec time.  Fortunately her helper would keep her inside during that time and they spent the time walking around and saying hello to everyone.  Ella LOVED being the social butterfly!  What she loved even more is that they would stop by to visit her helper’s mom (the names aren’t being said to protect the guilty) and she would give Ella cotton candy as a special treat.

The theme for the week was Facing Fear!  Trusting God!  And at the end of the week they gave each family a CD so they could listen to the songs.  Ella loves the CD and on a recent road trip we listened to it at least 10 times.

Joe and I are so happy that Ella was able to attend VBS and that it was such a wonderful experience for her.  As a kid who attended VBS my entire life, I know that this is an important part of childhood that plants seeds that will help her as she grows up.

After VBS we took a couple of days to rest, then packed up the car and Ella, Sabrina and I headed to NC to visit my cousin and her family.  Ella and I were there Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday Joe took the train down to spend the weekend with us.  It was a perfect relaxing weekend that we all needed.  We spent the weekend going shopping, lounging by the pool and watching cable TV (this is a HUGE deal for us since we don’t have cable).  Ella stayed up past 10 every night and woke up after 10 almost every morning.  Even Sabrina had a great time playing with their dog, Tuck.  They are the same age so spent most of the time playing and chasing each other.

Thursday Ella and I got to head over to Winston-Salem to visit another EB family.  It’s always great to connect with other kids with EB and it helps Ella to know that she’s not the only one.  (Ella is the only kid in Northern VA that we know of that has EB.)

This week we're staying home and taking it easy.  We did go to the $1 summer movie twice, but other than that we're not doing much of anything.

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Curby Alexander said...

Glad to hear things are going well in VA. We had bible school too, but it was a few weeks back. The trip to NC sounds great. I would love to see Lindy and the kids (young adults) again.