Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ella...the best name ever

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this on here before, but Ella was named after my grandmother, Big Mama.  Her legal name was Annie Ella Jean, but as an adult she went by Jean (although most of her family called her Ella Jean).  I think I was a teenager when I decided that if I ever had a little girl I wanted to name her Ella.  I thought it was the most beautiful name and couldn’t understand why no one else in the family hadn’t snatched it up.  When we found out that Ella was on her way and were discussing girl names, Ella was the winner from the beginning.  (Of course at the last minute we decided to legally name her Joella after both Joe and Big Mama, but we’ve always just called her Ella).

It was funny because after Ella was born Big Mama suddenly decided that she liked the name and started telling people that her name was Ella Jean, or Big Ella, and that she had a great granddaughter named Ella just like her.

I still love the name Ella.  I feel like the name suits her so perfectly.  I can’t imagine her being named anything else.  What is really funny to me is that Ella also really loves her name.  She loves it so much that whenever I ask her what she wants to name something (stuffed animal, fish, etc.) she always decides that “Ella” is the best choice.

When Ella had her g-tube surgery the EB clinic staff brought in a bag full of various stuffed dogs and Ella got to choose the one she wanted.  She chose a black and white doggie.  Since we already have “Doggie” in the house (the original brown doggie that she got when she was 1 year old), I encouraged Ella to choose a different name.  After her surgery she told me that she had decided what she wanted to name her doggie…Ella.  When I asked how we were going to know the difference between her and her dog she said, “I’m Ella the girl, and this is Ella doggie.”  How logical.  We also just recently added a new goldfish to our family…Ella the fish.

I can’t find the clip on youtube, but I seem to remember an episode of The Cosby Show where Olivia told Cliff that she was going to have 4 daughters and name them all Olivia.  They would be called 1 Olivia, 2 Olivia, 3 Olivia and 4 Olivia.  When she needed to call one of them she would simply say, “3 Olivia! Please come here 3 Olivia!”  This is how I imagine Ella’s house.  I’ll have to call up and ask for “Ella…the original.”  Then again, this concept has worked for George Foreman who has 5 sons named George Jr., George III, George IV, George V and George VI.

Just a little side note:  Ella officially starts school a week from today.  Please pray for her and everyone involved.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

"Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McCave had 23 sons, and she named them all Dave? Well, she did..."
...Sure do love your girl! ;-)

Ms. Michaele

Amy said...

Has she ever read the book, "15 Animals" by Sandra Boynton? A little young for her, but I'm sure she'd appreciate it still. There's a song that goes with it too, you'd just have to substitute her name for "Bob" in the story/song.

Carrie said...

Just a thought for the school transition, have you thought of asking the teacher to assign her a buddy in the room? It would be someone that sits near her, helps her out, etc. She may not need it but it may help her make friends easier.

As fo the anxiety, maybe some picture schedules would help? The picture schedule could be walk/ drive / bus to school, school time, lunch, school time, go home, then a picture of you.

Also, maybe if there is an issue that is not medical you could talk to her on the phone rather then going there and that would be only in a " no one can calm her down scenario"

I am a special ed teacher. I have never have had a kiddo that has not gotten over the homesickness. She will be okay. My oldest starts kindergarten next year though, see if I am saying this then!!

Gale Alexander said...

And now there will be SUPER ELLA...To the Rescue!! Yes, the girl certainly likes her name and has now even give the name to her alter ego.