Friday, August 17, 2012

Deepest Apologies

My deepest apologies for not posting for over a month.  We’ve been doing some VERY exciting things and honestly, posting on the blog wasn’t a priority.  Sorry.

On Tuesday July 17th (my awesome husbands birthday!) Ella and I headed out to Wyoming to spend 28 days with my family.  Yes, 28 days.  We had several motivations for such a long trip.  1)  We wanted to escape the DC heat to get to the cooler mountain air.  2)  We wanted to see how Ella’s skin would respond in a drier climate, and 3) We wanted to spend some quality time with the Alexander family!

We had a great trip and Ella got to participate in a lot of fun, outdoor activities that we don’t typically do here in DC.  Here are some of the highlights.

She got to float the Platte River in Paw Paw’s canoe

She got to roast marshmallows at GiGi and Paw Paw’s cabin on the mountain

She got to spend the night in Paw Paw’s tee pee

She got to take both Hip Hop and Ballet dance lessons

She got to spend lots of fun time with her Texas cousins

On top of all of this, Ella also got to see a puppet show at the library, see a Cat in the Hat story time at the library (you know she loved that), went to the planetarium, went to a band concert in the park, saw a musical at Casper College, got to meet SO many awesome friends and some very special people to her mommy, watched a ton of Olympics, cooked with GiGi and so many more fun activities!
It was a great trip!  My brother and his family also got to come visit, so there were 9 of us all staying at my parents house (10 when Joe arrived on August 4th).

Since we don’t have any immediate family close by, we don’t really get to take advantage of their free babysitting, so while we were in Wyoming Joe and I tried to make up for it.  My dad babysat Ella one night so I could go see my mom’s play, and both of my parents babysat her for 3 nights in one week, so that Joe and I could catch up on our movie watching.  Oh yes, we saw 3 movies in 1 week and loved every minute of it.  While in Wyoming Joe and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!

When you ask Ella what her favorite part of Wyoming was, she says that it was throwing rocks in the river.  When daddy joined us, that was the first thing on her list to show him.

My mom's play, "What Were We Talking About?" went off beautifully!  They had 2 nights completely sold out and the third night was almost sold out.  They got standing ovations every night and the audience laughed and cried with all 4 characters.  It was a wonderful play and I'm so glad I was able to go see it.

This week has been K-Prep at Ella's school.  I'll save that for the next post since this is already way too long.

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