Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not feeling well

Poor Ella has a cold. Well, I think it’s a cold. She doesn’t really have any symptoms of a cold other than a sore throat and raspy voice. Yesterday she didn’t want to eat anything because her throat hurt. She didn’t even want home baked chocolate chip cookies! What’s wrong with that kid? Her days have been spent pretty much laying around and watching TV, with little bits of playing here and there (mainly right after her dose of Tylenol).

Of course this falls on the heels of me counting her calories, so on top of not feeling well she has her mom constantly shoving food and drinks at her. A friend of mine told me that the worst situation to be in is when someone tells you that you have to gain weight…even worse than when someone tells you to lose weight. After going through the last 2 days, I think she’s right. Getting additional calories into Ella has increased our household stress. I’m constantly offering her food and trying to convince her that Pediasure doesn’t taste as bad as she thinks it does (PS, the stuff is disgusting…I can’t blame her for not wanting to drink it). The other night I was trying to get her to drink a glass of milk before bed just to get the final 100 calories in her. Poor kid. She should be able to just go to bed without her mom stressing her out.

Please just pray that Ella feels better and that her appetite increases. My goal is to get 1300 calories in her a day. The first day she was barely over 1300 and yesterday we missed the mark by about 50. I honestly think if she were feeling better it wouldn’t be such a struggle. Today she has perked up, but her voice is still gone…that hasn’t stopped her from singing along to Veggie Tales. She’s an incredible kid.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

** Update: Ella must be feeling better...either that or she's playing me like a violin. Our house is HOT (our AC is out) and Ella refuses to get dressed or leave the master bedroom (the only room with a small AC unit). I'm sweating like crazy and the child has the nerve to look at me with those big blue eyes, and say to me with that sweet raspy voice, "Mommy, can I have some pizza please?" Really, it's 90+ degrees in our house and you want me to turn on the oven and make pizza?

Yes, I did it.


Carrie said...

I hated pediasure. As a kid I had a few times in which I was underweight and more recently I had to drink boost when I was pregnant, ice. My friend told me to look at the ingredients in it and I was horrified. So I started making mynown smoothies, they were actually more calories a nd definately more healthy. Maybe you could try finding some smoothies recipes. Whole milk yogurt, coconut milk, and nut or soy butters are easy ways to add calories and fat. Typically my smoothies were whole milk yogurt, soy nut butter, a banana, and any other fruit that I had on hand plus some OJ. You could at the ducal to it, also scandishakes are supposed to be. Good higher calorie alternative if you want to purchase something. It is 600 cal. When mixed with 8 oz milk.

Carrie said...

Pardon my typos, not used to typing on the iPad yet!

Linda said...

Hi Katie: So sorry that Ella is feeling a little under the weather. Don't worry about the food intake, she will catch up when she feels better. Nobody really wants to eat with a sore throat.
Hoping the AC gets fixed and Ella starts to feel better. Making her smoothies is a great idea, by the way. Give it a try.
Give Ella a hug for me and hang in there. Love and Peace Leah's Nana

Trudy said...

My brother, who has EB, will be 45 on the first of July. I can tell you that one of the most amazing things about him is his resilience. He ALWAYS come through with an outstanding attitude and is an inspiration to everyone around him. I'll keep Joella in prayer that she gets better and back to feeling like herself right away. :-)