Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the Love of Princesses

I realize that most 4 year old little girls are obsessed with princesses. The fact that there is an entire aisle at Target dedicated to princesses tells me that Ella is not alone in this. However, I believe that for Ella, her love is deeply ingrained in her.

Let me give you some background.

Here’s a picture of Joe and I on our wedding day.

Yes, I’m wearing a crown. Not a tiara…a crown. It was hand made by my grandmother for my mom when she married my dad. When I was little the crown was off limits. I wore it one year when I was a princess for Halloween, and every so often my mom would pull it out for me to look at. My childhood dream was to wear it when I got married.

My dress was bought to match the crown. I knew what I wanted…something with no pearls or crystals and it definitely needed a puffy skirt. The puffier the better. In fact, when my mom and I found my dress it was almost perfect, it just needed more puff…so I added a petticoat…then I added another. Yes, I walked down the aisle with TWO petticoats under my dress. My dress was so “princess-like” that it even had a lace-up back. And yes, just because I know you’re dying to know, I wore glass slippers. Actually, they were clear plastic and covered in glitter, but that’s the closest thing to glass slippers I could get.

And yes, Joe and I left the church in a horse drawn carriage.

So you see, Ella’s love of princesses is deeper than Disney movies and fancy dresses. It’s a love she was born with, and a love that I hope stays with her until she gets married and walks down the aisle wearing the pearl crown.

There was just one part of our wedding that wasn't "princess-like." We wore these to the reception.

Just keeping it real.

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