Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Ella-isms

While walking along the boardwalk in San Diego, Joe and some of the other men had gone into a store. Ella, in her most dramatic way (picture Scarlett in Gone with the Wind), said, “I only have one parent.”

One Saturday Joe and Ella had spent the morning running errands, but he wanted to go hunting in the afternoon. So when he dropped Ella off at home I just hopped in the van and took her to McDonalds. Ella spent the entire lunch talking about how she only had one parent and saying things like, “Mommy, I’m so sorry that daddy’s gone. I’m sorry that I only have one parent. I’m sorry that daddy had to leave us.” I got concerned that people around us would think that my husband had totally ditched us, so I would respond with things like, “Daddy just went hunting but he’ll be back tonight.” And I made sure to keep my left hand on top of the table so people could see that I am married.

Ella loves to play like she’s going to work. She gets her Tinkerbell purse and comes to tell me that she’s going to work. Her biggest concern in leaving her lunch (just like daddy). The other day she was playing and said, “Bye mommy. I’m going to work. If you need me just cry!” Clearly she has caught on to the fact that if she cries she usually gets her way.

When we first returned to potty training, Ella quickly learned about the power of positive reinforcement. She started saying, “Mommy, if you go wee wee on the big lady potty, then you’ll get some chocolate, ok!” Then after I had gone to the bathroom she would say, “Mommy! I’m so proud of you! You get a special treat!”

One Saturday morning Ella was listening to the iPod and singing along with Elvis to Silent Night. She had her pink microphone out and everything. After the song ended she said, “Mommy, I’m a very good singer, just like Aunt Jenni!” Of course referring to Jenni Benson, my BFF who made the CD when Ella was a baby.

Ella’s new phrase that she says all the time is, “What in the world?”

Ella had a conversation with her Sponge Bob macaroni and cheese:

Ella: Hey Sponge Bob?

Sponge Bob (which was really Ella pretending to be her Sponge Bob mac and cheese): Yes Ella.

Ella: I want you in my tummy!

Sponge Bob: Ok Ella.

Ella: Sponge Bob, I’m going to BITE YOU!

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Doris Bane said...

Neat that you are writing these down so you will be able to refer to them in years to come. I wish I had done that with my girls.