Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ella’s Wish Came True

For months Ella has been asking to make a Frosty (snowman). Every time it snows she asks, “Is it enough to make a Frosty?” And unfortunately, every time the answer has been, “No, it’s not.” A couple of weeks ago it started snowing while she was at school and the entire drive home she kept asking if there was enough snow for a Frosty…”Is there enough now?” wait 2 minutes “Is there enough snow now?” wait 2 more minutes…you get the idea.

Last night it started snowing and Ella was ready to dive right in and start building her Frosty. This is how she spent much of the evening.

We kept assuring her that this time there would be enough snow to make a Frosty, but that it would have to wait until the morning. This morning the first thing she asked was if there was still enough snow to make a Frosty…I think she thought it would all melt before we got out there.

Joe headed to work and Ella and I took the morning easy (this much snow meant school was canceled). After some laundry and watching Snow White (of course...what better movie for a snow day), we got dressed, ate lunch and headed outside. Since I’m cheap I didn’t buy Ella any snow gear this year (other than the standard hat and mittens). The coat was left over from last year, and I prayed that her boots from last year would still fit. Thank heavens they fit perfectly (one of the benefits of having a tiny child). I figured if her pants got too wet we’d just have to come in and change clothes.

Well, after a lot of hard work from both Ella and her mom, here is the finished product.

At school the kids have been talking about winter and even created a Wintertime Book, which talks about all of the items necessary for a snowman. Ella kept telling me what Frosty needed: hat, sticks for arms, rocks for eyes, a carrot for the nose, and of course he needed a scarf. She was so proud of her Frosty and is so excited to show daddy when he gets home from work.


Wanda Wilkinson said...

Precious she is adorable

Linda said...

What a wonderful picture. She is too cute and the snowman isn't too bad either.
Give that daughter of yours a hug and kiss for me. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana