Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For my last thing I’m thankful for (even though I’m thankful for SO much more, I just don’t have the ability to post it all), I have to talk about the most precious girl in the world, my Stinkerella.

I am beyond thankful for her! I can’t even put into words all the things about her that make me thankful.

I’m thankful for her laugh and that when she’s trying to be funny she can’t keep from laughing at herself.

I’m thankful that she follows directions and listens when we tell her no (for the most part).

I’m thankful that she thanks Joe and me when we’re polite (Oh, thank you, daddy, for saying ‘Excuse me.’)

I’m thankful that, all things considered, she really is a pretty easy kid to deal with.

I’m thankful that she’s finally coming out of her shell.

I’m thankful that she loves to wear bows and asks for one first thing in the morning.

I’m thankful that her favorite color is pink.

I’m thankful that she’s a fighter.

I’m thankful that she has more strength than anyone I’ve ever met.

I’m thankful that she is a chatterbox.

I’m thankful that she loves to sing and dance.

I’m thankful that she has the patience of Job.

I’m thankful that one of her favorite foods is Cheerios…the plain ones (just like her mom).

I’m thankful that she loves to cuddle and that the first thing she wants to do in the morning is rock with me.

I’m thankful that she gives me a kiss whenever I ask for one.

I’m thankful that she is so excited to see both Joe and me whenever we come home. Whether we’ve been gone for 10 hours or 3 minutes, she’s always excited to see us.

I’m thankful that she has exceeded everyones expectations.

I’m thankful that she sleeps through the night (I know that I mentioned this before, but when you’ve gone over 3 years without a full-nights sleep, it’s worth mentioning twice).

I’m thankful that I always know when she’s telling me something really important because her eyes get as big as silver dollars.

I’m thankful that on the way home from school every day she tells me all about what they did.

I’m thankful that she’s a good listener and can remember details of the stories she hears.

I’m thankful that God chose us to be her parents.

I am so thankful for that precious little girl!


Gina said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts on thankfulness--you're able to be frank and loving at the same time--such a gift! :)

This was my favorite post of all. Ella is such a blessing and is indeed very blessed by a loving mama and papa.

Give her kisses from Uncle Curby & Aunt Gina...and snuggles from Sam & Nate

Linda said...

Hi Katie: The best blog entry yet. You are very blessed to have such a precious, special little girl like Ella in your life. She is so cute and I'm glad she is coming out of her shell.
She is going to be one very special young lady. Give her a hug and kiss for me. Take care. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana

Paige said...

Tonight we were watching the Angelic Threes choir debut, and James pointed at Ella and said "That's Ella mommy, she is a good singer."

Ella, you are such a special girl, and you have touched more hearts then you may ever know.