Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ella is just getting funnier and funnier. Here are some funny things she’s said or done over the past few weeks.

The other day Ella asked me what my job was (it’s really starting to register that I don’t go to work anymore) and I told her my job was to stay with her. Then she asked me what Joe’s job was. My response was, “Daddy’s job is to bring home the bacon!” She said, “Yep, daddy’s job is to cook the meat!”

Joe’s sister, Katie, is expecting a baby in February (another nephew…YAY!). When we got to see them last weekend I showed Ella Aunt Katie’s belly and told her that there was a baby inside. When we got home I was getting her dressed for her choir concert and she looked down at her big belly and said, “Look at my belly. I have a baby in there!”

Ella is the only kid in her class that is an only child. Apparently she has noticed that the other kids have brothers and sisters to play with, so she has started asking for a brother and a sister...and she makes it clear that she wants both (she used to want 2 brothers and a sister, so at least we’re down a boy). So yesterday, after her mentioning it for the 100th time, I told her that she’ll have to talk to God about it. She gave me an inquisitive look, so I explained that she can pray and ask Jesus to give her a brother and a sister. Right then she said, “Dear Lord, please give me a brother and a sister…both. Amen.” It was the most precious prayer I’ve ever heard.

Ella has recently learned how to take off her own coat. This may be small potatoes for most kids, but it’s a big deal in our house. When we asked her who showed her how to take of her coat by herself she proudly declared, “Mrs. Gill!”

A few days ago when I was putting Ella in her car seat I said, “Ok Dukie.” She looked at me and said, “No mommy. Daddy is Dukie… I’m Dukerella.” She’s right. I call Joe ‘Dukie’ and fondly call her ‘Dukerella’ (along with many other names that I can tack Ella on to).

Ella has recently started calling me mom instead of mommy. I don’t like it, so I explained to her that my name is Mommy, just like her name is Ella not Elle. After that, anytime she would call for me she would say, “mom or mommy” and she started calling herself “Elle or Ella.” She’s a rascal.

About 30 seconds ago Ella was downstairs drinking her hot tea (she drinks it with her Miralax) and I told her that if she finished all of her tea she could have a piece of candy, so I even got out the candy and left it on the table. Later it was gone. Ella kept saying that she hid the candy. I assumed she was sitting on it or it fell under her seat or something, but after several minutes of not knowing where the candy was I asked her where she hid it. She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and proudly said, "I hid it in my hot tea!" Sure enough, her candy was at the bottom of her cup.


Linda said...

Hi Katie: Just wanted to wish your family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
Give that precious daughter of yours a big hug and kiss for me. Hoping Santa brings Ella everything that she wants. Merry Christmas Murray Family. Love and Hugs. Leah's Nana

Anonymous said...

I'm having Ella withdrawals.
Hope that you all enjoyed Christmas.Three year olds are so much fun.Praying that all is well. Have a blessed New Year.