Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update

This afternoon I dropped GiGi off at the airport. This morning Ella and GiGi determined that 1 GiGi just isn’t enough. There need to be 3..1 to stay here with Ella, 1 to stay in Texas with Sam and Nate, and 1 to stay in Casper with Paw Paw. That sounds about right to me. We had a great time the past 2 weeks. It was fun having Ma here as I began my new life as a SAHM.

This weekend we had a ton of fun! We went to Durham, NC to visit my cousin, Lindy, her kids (Kit and Cameron) and my uncle (Don) and aunt (Fran). It was a great trip, although Ella had to warm up to the idea. The entire drive down (about 5 hours) she kept saying, “Mommy, I want to go to Ella’s house. Can you find it?” But once we got there she warmed up to everyone and it was a lot of fun.

Friday Ella and I headed over to Winston-Salem to hang out with Jonah and his mom, Patrice. It’s always great getting together with other EB families. We get to compare notes, ask questions, and really just hang out with someone who actually knows what your life is like every day. Jonah is ADORABLE! I almost wanted to steal him to come home with me, but my better judgment got the best of me and he stayed with his mom. Ella is in this whole new whiny phase (ugh) and she was especially whiny while we were visiting. It was still great to finally meet Patrice in person. We’re going to have to get back down there soon.

Saturday we connected with Megan for lunch. It’s always great to see her, and I remember how much fun it was as a college student to have people take me out to lunch. My mom and cousin were eager to meet her, so we went to a place called “Elmo’s” and Ella ordered a chocolate chip pancake. Ma and Lindy were as impressed with Megan as I am. She’s an amazing and hopeful person.

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. Sometimes I am so confused by what Ella orders. The chocolate chip pancake didn’t surprise me at all, but Saturday night she ordered the childrens salmon, and she ate almost the entire piece. She loves fish, but she usually eats fish sticks. I guess I just didn’t expect her to eat that much plain salmon.

Sunday we had a great breakfast then headed back to DC around noon. We had the pleasure of stopping at Sonic for lunch…YUMMY! It was so much fun hanging out with the family. When I first moved to DC I’d go to Durham at least once a month for a visit, but as I got more responsibility in my life, my visiting time was cut back. Kit and Cam are such great kids and I love hanging out with everyone. Hopefully we can get back soon.


Linda said...

Hi Katie: It sounds like you and Ella had a great time visiting with you family. I am so glad that you had a chance to meet Patrice. I would love to meet Patrice and Jonah. Patrice is very special, a typical EB Mommy.
Please give Ella a big hug and kiss for me. Take care and enjoy the fall weather. Love Leah's Nana

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Oh how I wish I had know you were coming to Durham. I would have loved to meet you & take you out or just to say hello to you & your darling daughter.

I know what you mean about thinking about kidnapping Jonah, but Patrice & Matt would have a hard time (ha) giving that boy up.

I have met them & love the entire family.

Give a shout out the next time you come to Durham.

FinsUp said...

And neither you or Patrice have pictures?!

Patrice said...

LOVED having you. Can't wait until next time. Big hugs to Ella AND YOU!