Friday, October 22, 2010

Ella's Art

Ella has really become quite the artist. Below I am featuring a few of her more stunning pieces.

This is a painting of daddy. You can't see the facial features because they are also done in orange. The brown streak below is "Daddy's going poopie." Nice.

Here is mommy. I'm "going wee wee." At least she gets the concept of going potty, even if she won't go on the potty.

This is Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. Larry is the big one (obviously) since he's taller than Bob. The lines on Bob's lips are his teeth.

This is mommy and daddy.

I had to post this to show what our genius child learned how to write.

Ella, mommy and daddy. Notice the bow in Ella's hair. And as for mommy's hair, every time she draws a picture of me she says, "And here's mommy's crazy hair." I'm starting to get self-conscious. Notice how daddy only has one lone hair on the top of his head. :)

Here's a picture of GiGi. I drew the one on the left (because I'm such a stellar artist) and Ella drew her version next to mine.

This is GiGi in a field of flowers. I drew the one flower as a template and she drew the rest.

There you have it. Maybe I should save all of these pictures in case one day she's the next "big thing" in the art world.


Darla Tomes said...

I'm still rolling about daddy going poopy. I will totally expect something similar to come out of the mouth of my child in a few years...

FinsUp said...

I am impressed with her fine motor skills! Her subject matter, not so much. Too avant garde for my taste.

Linda said...

Hi Katie: I am very impressed with Ella's artist ability. She obviously gets it from you. I love the flower picture, frame these if you can.
Take care and give that precious daughter of yours a big hug and kiss for me. Love Leah's Nana