Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun weekend, and yes…more trains

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head to Fairfax County for a special “Ghost Train!” Oooh, very scary! Unfortunately, when we got there the rain and wind had closed the ride. We met up with the Grubbs and ended up going to Landmark Mall to walk around. The primary reason we even chose Landmark Mall is because it usually has a little choo choo train that rides around. However, the last 2 times we’ve been the train hasn’t been running. So Ella and Ginny had to settle for some quarters and a mechanical car, motorcycle, rocket ship and some weird blue thing.

I have to add a little side note…Shortly before Joe and I got married my cousin Lindy gave me some old silverware that they had in their guest house in California (they now live in NC). It’s not too fancy, but nice (Oneida) and definitely worked. So when Joe and I got married we got new fancy silverware, but we also decided to buy more sets of the stuff I currently had to use for every day. This is going somewhere, I promise. When we bought the additional sets I searched all over for ice tea spoons…you know, the ones with really long handles so that when you stir the sugar in your ice tea you don’t get your fingers all in the drink. I had no luck finding the spoons, so we just continued to use regular spoons or knives (since they have a long handle). Well, Saturday Christy and I were strolling through the dollar store and what did I find…yes, a box of 4 ice tea spoons that perfectly match the silverware we have! So I did what anyone would do and bought 2 boxes…for $1 each box! I was so excited!

Now, back to our story. So we walked the mall and went to the dollar store and as we were leaving our smart daughter realized that she never got to ride the choo choo like she had been promised. This is where being a parent is hard. We had told her that we were going to ride a choo choo, and through no fault of our own we were unable to follow through on that promise. I don’t want to lie to Ella and it made me sad that she didn’t get to do what we had promised her, mainly because she doesn’t understand that the weather didn’t allow it or the train wasn’t running at the mall. All she knew was that mommy and daddy had told her we were going to ride a train and we didn’t. So sad! So we dropped Joe off at the house to start studying (have I mentioned that he only has about 5 weeks left of class) and Ella and I went to the metro. We rode from King street out to Huntington, then all the way back to Reagan Airport, then back to King street. She was happy and I felt like a good mom.

Saturday night our electricity went out. It was fine until the sun went down, then Ella decided she didn’t like the dark and anytime Joe or I left the room she would whine (notice that I said whine and not cry…she’s becoming a very good whiner). It was out for about 3 hours (maybe longer…I lost track of time) so we ordered some yummy pizza! Valentino’s makes everything better. Half way through our dinner the lights came back on. I'm so glad the electricity wasn't out for longer. I had terrible images of all the stuff in our freezer going bad.

This is getting really long and I have a lot to say about Sunday, so I’ll save that for another post. Have a good Monday!

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