Monday, October 5, 2009

Another weekend with the trains

We had a great weekend together. Friday night Aunt Beck came over and the 4 of us headed to King Street to take the trolley (choo choo train) into Old Town. This is becoming a weekend tradition. While there we were able to walk around a bit and grab some yummy dinner. I LOVE fish and chips…I may have mentioned it before. And if we ever go to a sea food restaurant, that’s usually what I get. Maybe the occasional crab cake, but mostly I stick with the fish and chips. It was delicious! Joe got lobster…what was he thinking?

Saturday was Ella and Mommy day. We had a lazy morning then went to the park with Francesca. Ella had a lot of fun running around on the stage, playing ball and going down the slide. That night Joe headed out with some friends, so Ella and I headed to the greatest place on earth…Target. My main motivation for going was to get Ella out of the house and to pick up some little fruit strips that Ella likes to eat. When we checked out the woman didn’t make me sign the receipt, so I asked her, “I don’t have to sign anything?” “No,” she said, “only if you spend over $50.” Well…I guess we all know how often I go to Target and spend under $50.

I did boo boos by myself on Saturday night. I have done boo boos alone numerous times. It’s not my preference, but it’s doable and Ella usually cooperates. Unfortunately, Saturday night was not one of those times. They were a complete disaster. The bigger she gets, the faster, stronger and quicker she gets. One second she’s holding onto her bottle and the next second she’s pulled off her leg covering and is scratching her shin. I only have 2 hands and do not have the coordination needed to hold down 2 arms and one leg while I wrap the other leg. There were several times I was almost in tears because she just doesn’t understand that she has to stop scratching. It breaks my heart! Needless to say, I’m not going to attempt that again. It’s just not worth the damage she does to herself.

Sunday morning Ella woke up very happy to see her Daddy again. She begged him to take her back to see the choo choos, so in the car they went. Ella was quite a sight to behold…she was still in her pink flower jammies and had her jacket on and her socks with rubber bottoms and her hair was a complete disaster. Luckily she was also wearing her Mets hat, so her hair was covered up. She didn’t care what she looked like...oh to have that confidence. After an hour or so, Joe called to tell me that they were riding the choo choo (trolley) and Ella was having a wonderful time. He also said they’d be home in about an hour. This was some great down time for me. I got a full shower…not one of those speed showers that all moms do. And I got to clean up the house a bit and pack up some of Ella’s old baby toys that she doesn’t play with anymore. After about 2 hours there still wasn’t any sign of Joe and Ella. I knew they were having a great time, but I also knew that Ella was going to be hungry, which results in a very cranky girl. Around 2:00 the van pulled up and Ella and Joe were both happy as could be. They had a wonderful daddy and daughter day of taking the trolley down to Old Town then stopping off for some pizza, carrots and iced tea (nice combination). Joe said that they found a pizza buffet and Ella ate 1 ½ slices of pizza by herself and a whole bowl of carrot gratings from the salad bar. Honestly, I think Joe had as much fun as Ella did.

Sunday night Grammy Janet came to visit. She brought some wonderful stuff that I’ll post about later. It’s always fun to have Grammy Janet.

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Anonymous said...

You and Joe are such amazing parents, Katie. As you know, God give us the courage and strength to persevere. Ella is so very lucky!

Although I enjoy my mommy-Gwen time, I always love to hear stories from Matt about his time with her. I know Joe just adores his little princess.