Monday, September 21, 2009

What’s up with the weekends?

Joe and I both needed a weekend…bad. We were so glad to have some downtime and had several family things planned. So imagine our frustration when this Saturday started off in the same way as last Saturday. Ella woke up screaming and completely inconsolable. After a few minutes we determined what the problem was…a major tongue blister. I hate these things! When she was a baby and on the bottle all the time she’d get them about once a month, and every time they were a disaster. Once she started eating solid foods the tongue blisters have pretty much stopped. But every so often she’ll get one. Usually they don’t bother her and she pops them on her own, but I think since it was so early in the morning and was a pretty rude awakening, this one threw her for a loop. Luckily we got it taken care of and once she had some Advil in her she was back asleep. When she woke up from her nap she was fine and back to her typical Ella self. I love her typical Ella self. She’s a fun girl!

Saturday night we headed to Francesca’s house for dinner. Side note: Why is it that once you have kids you never refer to someone’s house by the parents names? It’s always, “We’re going to Francesca’s house.” Not, “We’re going to James’ and Melissa’s house.” I don’t get it. We even do it with people that we’ve been friends with since way before Ella was born, like the Grubbs. Joe and I have been friends with them since before any of us were married. Yet, when we go to their house we still say, “We’re going to Ginny’s house.” Ok, enough about that…so we went to dinner at Francesca’s house with some of our other neighbors. One of the things we love most about our neighborhood is that there are a lot of kids and every so often we all get together for dinner. And what’s even better is that if Ella has a meltdown or it’s too late, we can just walk home.

Sunday Joe had promised me that we could go out to Tyson’s Corner mall and go shopping. There’s a great store called Hanna Andersson and their clothes are very EB friendly. The cotton is so soft and the way they do the elastic waist on their pants is perfect for EB kids. And I had 2 coupons! So we made the trek all the way out to Tyson’s Corner so I could go shopping at Hanna Andersson. I got Ella a great little outfit and a new jacket for the winter, then we decided to grab lunch.

As soon as we got up to the food court Ella spotted the best thing she had seen all day…a choo choo…a big choo choo…a choo choo that she could actually RIDE in! It was one of those little car choo choos and the conductor drives it around in circles around the mall. Ella was so excited! She was kicking her feet and shaking her behind…all things she does when she can’t contain her excitement. Of course we took her for a ride. First Ella and I rode together, and the entire time she kept saying, “All aboard!” then I would do the chug-a chug-a’s while she did the woo woo’s. She had a smile plastered on her face the entire time. Next was Joe’s turn. He and Ella rode the train all around and once again, she had a smile plastered on her face. When we went to get lunch we had to park her stroller in a place where she could watch the choo choo go around and around. The trip out to Tyson’s was worth it just so she could ride the choo choo.

That’s it for our fun-filled weekend. I hope you all got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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