Thursday, September 17, 2009

All better

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks once again for all the prayers. You people mean business! Ella’s eye is looking great! The redness is completely gone and it looks like there’s just a tiny little spot that still needs some healing, but other than that she’s doing great. And her feet look wonderful! For the first time in several days she didn’t completely cringe when I changed her bandages last night. The only problem with her feet is that now she’s really gun-shy with shoes, and anything we attempt to put on her she begs to have taken off. I bought her these shoes that I know she can wear…basically they’re socks with a plastic bottom, and she won’t even let us put those on her. In time I know it will get better because she likes to go outside and play, and she knows she can’t go outside without shoes on.

Ella has been really into trains for a couple of months now…ever since I got her the “Choo Choo Soul” DVD, then she found an episode of Elmo with a choo choo, and most recently she found an episode of Dora with a choo choo. So I decided that Ella would love a little train set. Nothing major…no table or anything, just a little wooden track that goes in a figure 8 and has a little bridge and a little tunnel. I went to Toys R Us Monday night and brought it home for her. She was so excited! She stands in the middle of the track and Joe, Metti or I push the train around. We say, “chug-a chug-a” and she says, “choo choo!” And our job is to push the train around the circle part, while Ella’s job is to push it through the tunnel or over the bridge. Other times we rearrange the track so that it’s a big oval and she sits right in the middle while the train goes around her. It’s really cute.

The weather has been wonderful lately! Not too hot…not too cold…perfect for Ella. She loves getting outside and walking around the block. I’ve been pulling out some fall clothes that Ella will still fit in, so the other day we washed her jacket. What’s funny is that whenever she goes outside, no matter what the temp is, she wants to wear it. Joe said that this morning as soon as she saw her jacket she asked him to put it on her. She even took a nap in it the other day. Too bad the jacket is almost too small.

Not too much else to report on our end. I’m VERY excited about the season premiers of all the fall shows. The Biggest Loser started Tuesday, The Office starts tonight, the Duggar’s announced that they’re having their 19th child…this is going to be an exciting TV season! We might need to invest in a DVR so that I can actually watch an entire show and not just see bits and pieces between boo boos, dinner, play time, etc. Right now the only show I get to see all the way through is re-runs of the Golden Girls.

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if you want our TIVO let me know!