Monday, August 31, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that I have a lot of pictures to upload.

The bad news is that the internet at our house isn’t working, so I can’t upload them.

More good news is that we are working hard to resolve the situation and we hope to be back online soon.

In the meantime, Ella continues to amaze us. Her sentences have started really blossoming. She says 5-6 word sentences with ease, and now she is really starting to express some of her own opinion into what she says. It used to be that if we said, “I love you sweet girl.” Ella would repeat back and say, “Love you sweet girl.” Now when we say the same thing she says, “Love you mommy.” And last night after her boo boos she was laying on the table and I was singing to her and playing (like we do every night). So she says to me, “Mommy kiss Ella’s butt?” I don’t know where she got this, but luckily she had a brand new diaper on so I started pretending like I was kissing her butt. She was laughing hysterically and all of a sudden said, “Mommy funny!”

Unfortunately the temper tantrums have also turned into something new and colorful…to say the least. She has decided that if she doesn’t get her way she’s going to cry. It starts off fake, but she just keeps working at it until there are real tears. And the first thing she does when she doesn’t get her way is lay on the floor and roll around…while doing her best to cry. It’s quite the show.

Ella has learned some fun new games that she loves to play. First, we turn on the radio in her room and everyone gets a ribbon. Then we dance around her room while shaking the ribbon. Suddenly Ella will say, “Take it down low!” So we shake our ribbons to the ground. Then she’ll say, “Up high!” So we shake our ribbons over our heads. Joe and I often laugh about what that whole event must look like. I sure hope there isn’t a hidden video camera in Ella’s room. She has also learned how to play hide and seek, which is the most fun! Joe and Ella will be off somewhere in another room and decide to sneak up on me. Soon I hear “Shhh, we’re going to get mommy.” So I do what any mom would do…I hide. They come into the room looking for me and I jump out and say “BOO!” Ella bursts into laughter and says, “Mommy got you!” Then daddy goes and hides and Ella and I count to 5. Then we go find daddy. This goes back and forth until Joe and I decide that we’re tired and can’t take it anymore. Ella could play hide and seek forever!

Ella has also really started playing pretend. For her birthday Grammy Janet gave her a doll house and 3 dolls (the mommy, daddy and Ella) then later brought her the doggie to go with the family. Yesterday Ella was in the basement and I was upstairs. I heard her talking and she seemed to be having a conversation, so I went down to check on her. She was standing at her doll house and was playing with the daddy. She would say things like “Daddy, sit down in seat,” and “Hi daddy. Hi mommy.” And she had them walking around the house and sitting on the furniture, etc. She even had them playing games that Ella and daddy play. It was so cute! I love seeing her imagination grow.

Joe started back to school last week. Only 13 weeks left then he’s out for good! I can hardly believe it. I know I say it a lot, but I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. Next comes the really hard work…looking for a job. We both know that God has the perfect job out there and we’re eager to see what He has in store for us next!

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Melanie said...

These stories about Ella are the best. She sounds like the cutest kid. I can't believe Joe is almost done with law school and how hard it must be to stay with it. His graduation will be a joyous day in your household, I'm sure.