Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chef Katie?

Ok, so here’s my true confession…which will totally not be a shock to those of you who have known me for a while. Before I met Joe I couldn’t cook. I could make Mac and Cheese, and bake a chicken breast for myself, and I could serve up a mean spaghetti (with jarred spaghetti sauce…of course), but other than that my cooking skills were lacking.

Not only did I marry a man who likes to eat, but he also came from a family who had a mom who loves to cook and makes wonderfully elaborate meals. I was a bit intimidated. So I decided that I was going to learn to cook. So in my lack of cooking experience, when we got married I just kind of added cooking equipment to the registry. Mostly it was things that I’d heard other people used or things I had seen in other peoples kitchens. Among those things was this little beauty.

More true confessions…the only reason I registered for it was because it matched the red KitchenAid mixer and red KitchenAid blender that I had also registered for.

Isn’t it cute! Anyway, now that I’m 4 years into the cooking thing, I think I do pretty good job at holding my own. I can’t make up recipes, and I don’t look at what’s in my pantry and think “Wow, I bet that would taste great together!” And I definitely can’t do that type of cooking where you add some of this and a pinch of that. But, I can follow a recipe. If things are laid out in front of me and I am told how much to add, how long to cook, when to stir and when not to stir, then I’m good to go.

And in my vast cooking experience, I have grown to love this little mini prep more than any other item in my kitchen. I don’t like chopping, especially when things need to be chopped into teeny tiny little pieces…it makes my hands gross and takes up too much time. Especially onions…gross! So with this little beauty all I have to do is throw in some chunks of whatever I need chopped and press the button.

Within seconds I have gone from this:

To this:


So now is the time where I ask for audience participation. I REALLY need your help! Tomorrow Joe and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Sure, it’s not as exciting as 5 years, but it’s definitely more exciting than 3! So for dinner tomorrow night I want to make something special and I need your help! What can I make that easy but will come across like I slaved all day? We are celebrating this weekend, but I want to make something special for our real anniversary. Please keep in mind that I work a full time job and that when I come home I have to juggle cooking with taking care of a 2 year old. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


FinsUp said...

Ooh! Audience participation.

I don't know what you guys like to eat, but here is my suggestion lacking that knowledge.

Beef stroganoff. I don't have a recipe, but this Paula Deen one is pretty much the same. My mom's recipe adds a couple dashes of worcestershire sauce, if you have any around. Make sure you buy the wide egg noodles to serve it on. Beef stroganoff feels decadent but isn't hard. Buy the pre-sliced mushrooms in the produce case and, if you get the meat tonight, you can cut it up tonight to save more time tomorrow.

I like it with the steam-in-bag frozen broccoli or asparagus (so fast, tastes crisp and fresh) sprinkled with Lemon Pepper (Sylvia's brand ROCKS, I use it on all my veggies). Top the veggie with a couple thin slices of lemon to make it look fancy or, if you are feeling like you have the time, make a Hollandaise sauce, also easy just needs some stirring.

Pair it with some nice bread from the store and a dessert of sliced pound cake with sliced strawberries and mangos.

OK. Now I'm hungry.

Please let us know what you make and happy anniversary!


Elaine said...

I've got a recipe blog at if you want to take a gander for some ideas. I'm just a homecook. I start off with a recipe and sometimes improvise. Most of my recipes are pretty simple. If your hubby likes beef Pioneer Woman's steak bites are YUMMY as well as her roasted asparagus. The blueberry banana pies are easy as well as the butterfinger cake. Happy cooking and good luck. Happy Anniversary-well be at 4 years next May...guess I should start thinking about that dinner now!

Chris said...

I always like RoTel and Velveeta...

Wren and Jennifer Hawthorne said...

You're cooking!!!! Love the look of the new blog.