Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 year check up

Let’s give a big shout out to our Chunky Monkey! We had Ella’s 2 year appointment today and she has gained 4 pounds since her 18 month check up. This officially puts her in the 21st percentile! Yahoo!!! This is a major improvement to the 7th percentile she was in at her 18 month appointment. She’s not getting as tall as she once was, she’s only in the 17th percentile for height, but she did grow a ½ inch so, some growth is better than none…and honestly, neither Joe nor I are really tall, so I’m not worried about her height. Besides, aren’t the short, petite girls always the cutest!

The other HUGE praise for the doctor visit was that Ella didn’t completely freak out! Ella’s shy…I’ve mentioned this before and anyone who has met her in person is well aware of her shyness…so visiting the doctor where strangers weigh, measure, poke and prod her is generally a disaster. It usually ends up that Joe walks around with Ella trying to keep her calm while I talk with the doctor. Today Ella did great. She sat in my lap for most of the visit while Joe and I talked with the doctor, and she even let the doctor examine her fully. It was amazing! The best part…NO SHOTS!!!

Can you tell I’m pumped up from the visit? It was good. And to add to the greatness, Ella’s pediatrician’s office recently moved to a new location right across the street from my office! This meant that Joe was able to drive Ella to the doctor, I walked across the street to meet them, we went to the appointment then I just walked back to work. How easy is that?

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