Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Proof

Our house is not baby-proof…it hasn’t needed it. Ella isn’t what I would consider an adventurous child. She doesn’t really grab stuff off of shelves, she doesn’t really test the stairs too much, and she doesn’t venture too far beyond her toys. I think part of it is because even at such a young age, she knows her limits (you should see how protective she becomes of herself when other kids are around and they aren’t as careful as she is). The other part is that we don’t tend to let her get too far out of our sights. Anyway, we have one baby gate that we keep propped up next to the wall. It only gets used when other kids are over. Otherwise it stays next to the wall.

Well, now that Ella is officially a walker and is all over the place, I think it might be time to invest in some baby-proof items, ie. latches for the kitchen cabinets, stair gates, and I hope they have something that keeps a kid from going into the bathroom and playing in the toilet! The basement in the best! It’s all her territory and she can go anywhere and everywhere she wants to. It’s when she’s upstairs that things may get risky. We’ll assess the situation after Christmas, but for now we’ll keep her on an even shorter leash!

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree…a REAL Christmas tree. When we were putting on the lights Ella came in and said “Pretty!” She loves looking at the tree and telling us what all of the ornaments are…snowman, hat, ball, star, Elvis...yes, she knows who the king is. We’re working on learning who the REAL King is by looking at our little nativity scene and pointing to baby Jesus. I have pictures of the tree decorating (not uploaded yet…sorry) and will take pictures of the rest of the house soon.

In other Murray news, GiGi and Paw Paw are coming into town tonight. They will be with us for 4 days and Ella is very excited to show them her new room. She recently got a new dresser (thanks to cousin Kit) so everything is arranged and decorated perfectly. Now if her mom and dad could just get their room in order, the house would be completely set up.

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Michael Bindner said...

Make sure you get outlet covers. They don't need them right away, but when they start picking up tools, well you know the drill.