Friday, November 14, 2008

Girls Weekend

This morning at 6 am Joe headed to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with his brother celebrating his 40th birthday. So Dancerella and I get to spend the weekend hanging out and doing girl things. We are definitely going to Target (the best store on the planet) and I would like to make it to walk around Old Town if it isn’t too cold. I also have some home projects that I want to finish this weekend, and I’d love to clean the bathrooms. I have high aspirations, but we’ll see how much actually gets done. If the weather stays rainy, we will probably spend the weekend inside watching Elmo.

Grammy Janet came to visit on Tuesday night and left on Thursday. We always love having her visit. She brought Ella a turkey placemat and when she showed it to her, Ella proudly proclaimed “turtey.” I didn’t even know that she knew what a turkey was. Ella also learned how to say “Grammy” and even kept calling for her when she went to the bathroom.

We did have a minor catastrophe this week. Ella is getting very confident in her walking, but the other night she was walking into the bathroom and there is a little step up. When she went to take the step up she grabbed onto Joe’s finger for support, but she still tripped over the little step and fell. Unfortunately in the midst of the fall, she degloved her finger. “Degloving” is what happens when the entire outer layer of skin comes off in one piece, like taking off a glove. It was terrible! We immediately gave her Tylenol for the pain, then wrapped the finger. Needless to say this was traumatic for Joe and me. Whenever Ella gets a boo boo, even a big one like this, as her parents we immediately go into fix-it mode. There isn’t time to get upset about it and ponder over the woulda shoulda coulda’s. You have to address the situation, then after it’s taken care of you can have your melt-down. Once Ella’s finger was wrapped she was totally fine and went about playing. She is such a strong little girl! I talked to another EB mom and her son had done the same thing when he was Ella’s age. She promised me that this experience was much more difficult for us than it was for Ella, and she assured me that Ella’s finger will heal and she’ll be fine and probably not even remember that it happened at all. Ella is doing great in spite of her finger, we just ask for your prayers that it does heal well and doesn’t cause her anymore problems.

That’s about it on this end. The plan for tonight is to go to Target and see what kind of Christmas decorations they have. At my office they have a program where we get a pedometer when we first start working here. If you take a certain number of steps every day you get points, and once you reach a certain number of points you get Cold Hard Cash!!! Actually, you get a gift certificate, but it’s just as good. So I have earned $150 so far and have cashed in $100 of it to spend at Target. I am very excited!

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Anonymous said...

Ella and that little finger are in our prayers.

Emilie and Paul