Monday, November 10, 2008

Facts about Ella

1) Ella hates bananas and anything with banana in it. In fact, if we give her something with banana in it she sticks her finger in her mouth and tries to get it out. When she was a baby she would cry every time we gave her something with bananas. At first I thought maybe they hurt her throat, but I talked to a couple of other EB moms and one who even has EB and they said that it doesn’t hurt, so apparently Ella just doesn’t like bananas.

2) Ella loves music. Whenever she sees our MP3 or her CD player she says “mui” and sits in front of the player listening to the music. She learned very early on how to turn on her CD player, and when the music is playing she will sit in front of the player for the entire duration of the CD. She just sits there and stares at the player…and if it’s a song she really likes she’ll dance. At the end of every song she claps and says “yay.” And if there is a pause that’s too long between songs she says “more.”

3) Ella’s favorite color is blue…much to my sorrow (I make her wear so much pink!). If she has several toys that are all different colors she will go for the blue every time. She has this bucket of shapes (green triangles, red squares and blue circles) and she completely leaves out the triangles and squares. She will open it up, take out the blue circles, put the lid back on and put the circles through their designated hole, then open it up again and get the blue circles….wash, rinse and repeat.

In other Murray news, we had our new furniture delivered on Saturday and it is beautiful brown leather for our main floor living room. The old red couch is staying in the basement family room, where it can continue to get trashed by the sweetest 1 year old I know. Sunday afternoon we went and bought a rug and hopefully this week we’ll have the coffee table delivered. We had Metti come in Sat morning so Joe and I could concentrate on getting things ready for the furniture. This meant that I was actually able to hang up pictures, mop the floor and clean up the main level. Joe was able to put together a shed in the backyard, which of course had a book of directions that made no sense whatsoever. Slowly but surely our house is coming together. Whenever we move I always think, “We’re going to have to do this again in a couple of years.” But, not this time! Now that we’re HOMEOWNERS we’ll get to stick around for a while.


Anonymous said...

your beautiful baby girl is going to turn into the blue version of the walking musical!

Wren Hawthorne said...

Enjoyed watching the videos of Ella walking back and forth. I know first hand the relief that can come from the release of a worry about your child.
Once again, love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing, keeps us connected even though we are miles apart.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, it's Aunt Jenny, so fun to see Ella walking, talking, singing and Trick or Treating! Thanks for sharing, really excited to see you at Christmas.