Friday, September 5, 2008

La la la...Ella's World

The above title is in honor of Ella's favorite show, Elmo's world. Poor Metti has watched Elmo's Country Songs probably around 900 times (give or take). So in an effort to keep her sanity in tact, we bought 2 more Elmo videos. One is heaven on earth to Ella because it is Elmo and Pets, which includes an entire segment on you guessed it...doggies! She just kept looking at the DVD cover saying "Doggie...Mo...doggie...Mo."

Life around the Murray house has been pretty standard this week. We are still working on getting the boxes unpacked, although most of the stuff left needs to go on bookshelves, which we don’t have. Our other bookshelves have fallen apart over the last few years (that’s what I get for buying cheap ones), so we need to get some new ones before we can unpack the books. Hopefully that will happen this weekend.

Joe started his new internship this week. He is interning with the Alexandria Public Defenders office and spent his first 2 days in court. This is going to be a great learning experience for him.

Grammy Janet arrives today and will spend the weekend with us. Hurricane Hanna is also supposed to arrive this weekend, so we’ll see how our little house handles the weather (and we’ll pray that the basement doesn’t flood). At least we have an awesome new grill if the electricity goes out. Although the grill won’t do us much good if it’s raining.

I have posted a few new pictures and a video of Joe’s Man’s room and Ella’s room. I’ll get more video and pictures of the rest of the house soon.


Dee said...

Yes, I see that Big smile on Ella's face! So amazing! She is so young; yet she knows this is her new beautiful room...
You need to be a decorator Katie! I love the green!
The picture of Ella, Nate and Sam is priceless; also Ella's pose and expression! This is her colors - she is so pretty.
She loves her Mommie as her eyes light up at you as you take these pics.
May all of you; your new home dwell in the secret place of The Most High; abide under The Shadow Of The Almighty. God is your refuge; fortress, trust in Him. He will deliver you, cover you; He will be your shield. He will give His Angels charge over you to keep you in everything.
He has set His Love on you; set you on high. He knows your names.
He will call you, He will be with you in trouble; He will honor you.
With long life He will satisfy you; show you His salvation.
Psalms 91

John 10:9

Anonymous said...

Loved the Jackson Hole pics! Thank you for sharing them. Ella is absolutely beautiful! Loved the picture of her hand prints on your mom's blanket.

Glad to hear you guys are slowly but surely unpacking boxes and getting your new home set up.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Love you,