Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Graduation to me!

I graduated from college in 1999. For my graduation my cousin sent me a picture frame with 5 $20 bills in it. At the time, although I was making VERY little money (we’ve all been there, right?), I decided that I would keep the money in the picture frame and save it for a time when I really needed it. Since then, I moved to DC and the picture frame got put in a box. I've moved 3 more times, and the picture frame has stayed in the box. I've gotten married and had a kid, and the picture frame remained in a box. My wonderful husband and I bought our first house, and I decided to finally go through the box that had been through 4 moves and never opened. I knew that $100 would come at a time when I really needed it! So with that $100 graduation present we were able to get new bookshelves for our basement. As I was going to the store Joe told me to get something for myself too, since it was my graduation gift. I bought myself a new purse and new earrings, and I got Ella new socks (the kind with grippies on the bottom…the poor girl is slipping all over the hardwood floors which is making learning to walk harder than it already is) and of course…a pack of new bows! My disclaimer…for months I have been looking for a red bow. She really NEEDS it to go with her Washington Nationals baseball outfit, and she has several adorable red outfits that it will accent perfectly. The cream and brown bows that came with it are just bonus. Besides, she will need a brown bow for the fall, right? Now if I could just find the perfect bright blue bow (or perhaps blue and orange for the Mets) we would be all set!

I know what you're thinking, how did that $100 buy so much? Well, I have Gooch blood in me, so I know how to find a good deal. (Ok, so I got everything at's all good.)

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