Monday, August 25, 2008

We’re moved in…sort of

Technically, all of our stuff is in the new place. Well, everything except for one minor necessity…my clothes! We stayed the night at Becky’s house for the past two nights (due to us having our tub redone and we didn’t want to breathe chemicals all night), so this morning I took a shower and got ready at Becky’s house, then, while still wearing my pajamas, I took Ella and Joe to the new place, then I went back to the old place to get dressed, then back to the new place to get my shoes and jewelry. I made it to work and I guess I look mostly put together. My pants are wrinkled (they were in the middle of the floor in a ball) and the only black socks I could find were Mickey Mouse. As long as I’m sitting at my desk I look fine.

As far as the new house goes, the living room is a disaster! I worked really hard last night to get Ella’s room in order. And the only furniture we have in the master bedroom is a bed, two end tables and a hamper, so that’s not looking too bad. Joe is working all day to get the new and improved Man’s Room all set up. Hopefully this will all go by very quickly and we’ll have the house set up in no time!

Tonight will be the first night for Ella in her new, neon green room. It does look more muted with all her stuff in there. And it will be even better when I get everything on the walls. Tonight I am going to work very hard at getting the Elvis bathroom all set up. We’ll see how much progress I make with Dancerella all to myself and Joe away at school.

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Mary Lou said...

We don't know one another. I just "happened" to run across your blog when I was searching for something else. I haven't read all of your posts so maybe this info is no longer applicable, but you may want to look at

I will add your daughter and your family to my prayers.

Mary Lou Derksen
Rapid City, SD