Monday, August 18, 2008

We’re Baaaack!

It was a great trip! Thursday night we went to the Bar J Chuckwagon and saw their cowboy show. If you’re ever in Jackson Hole this is a must see! Friday we packed up and headed back to Casper to get ready for our early morning departure on Saturday. We had so much fun on the Murrgrubander Vacation (that’s Murray, Grubbs and Alexander all combined).

We have added pictures from our trip (just for you Becky) so you can see how much fun we all had and so you can see the beautiful mountains and water. For some reason our camera started acting up, so we have a lot of pink skies and weird colors.

We got home Saturday afternoon and headed straight to our new house. While we were gone we had painters come in and paint the main floor. We did all the bedrooms and basement. So far Ella’s room is Honeydew green…correction - NEON GREEN!!! It is so bright! We contemplated painting over it, but we decided that all of the pink in her room should balance it out. Our bedroom is yellow. I was afraid we would have a repeat of the green, so we went with a very light yellow. Unfortunately it wouldn’t cover up the old paint in the room. 3 coats later it is finished. Joe’s mans room is a toffee color tan. I hated it at first, but its kind of grown on me. Next are the bathrooms…and one of those will be purple! If I can’t have a pink room, I’ll take the next best thing.

The main level is called Macadamia (tan) and the basement is a very light tan. We got the new carpet for the basement installed this morning and it looks great. The place is now move-in ready. We just need to hang the screen door and new French doors, and fix the tub in Ella’s bathroom. Other than that we are all set. Tomorrow we get the new stove and microwave. I’ll be sure and have pictures up as soon as everything is finished.

We also had a landscaper come over while we were in WY. The front of the house had been overtaken with English Ivy, and unfortunately bugs and other critters made the ivy their home. The backyard hadn’t been mowed in at least 2 years and was covered in weeds. He cleaned everything out and the yard looks beautiful! We bought our first hose and sprinkler this afternoon and we are very excited to water the grass. Hopefully by next summer Ella will have a nice yard to play in.

In recent Ella news, she no longer wants to be held. She always wants to be down and walking while holding our hands. When she does this she repeats over and over “Go! Go! Go!” It is so cute! She has also learned the word “No.” I guess she hears it a lot. When we tell her no she repeats it and shakes her head. Ella’s clinginess to her dad has also been extremely escalated. She used to whimper when Joe left the room. Now it’s a full on cry, complete with crocodile tears. As Joe says, it’s a blessing and a curse.


Dee said...

Bless You for the pics of Wyoming!
My goodness, I didn't realize how pure and beautiful it is! The water is so clear - nothing like that!
Makes me want to get there fast - before the 1st snow!

Darla Tomes said...

Don't think that your vacation was an excuse to not send your annual email remembering The King on 16 August! :)