Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Bucket List

I have a friend with 7 kids (yes, feel free to gasp) and every year her family does a summer bucket list.  Year after year I think, ‘We really need to do something like that,’ and year after year we don’t do it.  So this year I decided it was time.  We’re going to do our own summer bucket list.  Ella and I sat down and talked about several activities that she wanted to do and things I thought would be a lot of fun for her.  We created a list, colored, cut and taped it to the wall, and here we are.  Tomorrow is Ella’s last day of school and summer break officially begins!

I suggested that for the last day of school we hit up Sugar Shack for dinner (it’s an awesome doughnut place).  Ella, being the logical one, said that they are having doughnuts at school so she thinks it would be a better idea to eat something else for dinner.  2 doughnuts in 1 day is a lot for a kid.  In her exact words, “It would be crazy town in our house!”  We’ve decided to order Chinese food instead.

As you can see, most of the activities involve learning how to cook something.  Since cooking is Ella’s latest passion, she has a lot of items she wants to learn to cook.  The problem is that most of these items are beyond my cooking level.  Crème Brulee…really?  Madeleines…you want me to cook a French cake?  Homemade lemonade…sounds easy, but is it?  Don't worry, I've got Root Beer Floats covered.

The Butterfinger Pie was my addition.  I had one at a restaurant in Maryland and it was heaven on a plate.

This first week of break will be spent at home.  I'm sure we'll check a couple of things off the list and it will get the summer started on the right track.   Today we're heading to Target to pick out a 500 piece puzzle and some Silly String.

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